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Ever since mentioned by name during the post-credits scene of his solo movie debut, casting rumors and theories have been running amok online. Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) suggested Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren and even Keira Knightley (because of her acting range) could be Cable, but no official announcement has been made.

Watch the post-credits scene below.

Here's a run down of every actor who was rumored to be in the running for Cable. Take note that 20th Century Fox and the team have yet to confirm or deny any of these rumors, so take each and every one of them with a grain of salt.

1. Kyle Chandler

 Bloodline [Credit: Netflix]
Bloodline [Credit: Netflix]
  • Most Famous Role: John Rayburn in Bloodline
  • Recently Appeared In: Sidney Hall

Before the whole guessing game began, the first person that director Tim Miller had in mind was . While he may not be the most popular name on the list, Miller believed that Chandler had the perfect build and demeanor that would serve as the foil to Deadpool's more energetic and wild persona.

While Milller stuck by his casting choice, Reynolds reportedly begged to disagree. Because of this and many other creative differences regarding the scope of the sequel, Miller left Deadpool 2 and was eventually replaced by John Wick director David Leitch. Due to this development, the chances of seeing Chandler portray the time-traveling character are now closer to zero than any other person mentioned here.

It's also been said that after Miller left the project, Chandler's name was dropped from the shortlist.

2. Stephen Lang

Avatar [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
Avatar [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
  • Most Famous Role: Colonel Miles Quaritch in Avatar
  • Recently Appeared In: Shades Of Blue

One of the first people to show interest in the much coveted role of Cable was , and having the blessing of one of the character's creators only bolstered the actor's confidence. As early as 2009, Deadpool co-creator recommended Lang for the role. Check out the comic creator's Tweet below.

Lang constantly retweets fan-art of himself as Cable, and he even Tweeted a picture of himself in the gym - presumably showing casting agents that he indeed has the look and build for the the aged but ripped character.

As of recently, Lang's enthusiasm for the role has considerably died down. Given his busy schedule with the upcoming sequels, he conceded that it would be highly unlikely for him to land the role of Cable. Lang did offer his advanced congratulations to whoever gets to be Cable in Deadpool 2, since he'll be able to console himself with four Avatar sequels.

3. Dolph Lundgren

Rocky IV [Credit: MGM]
Rocky IV [Credit: MGM]
  • Most Famous Role: Ivan Drago in Rocky IV
  • Recently Appeared In: Arrow

Of the actors named-dropped in the post-credits scene, only had something to say about it. And as expected, the actor would happily accept the role if Fox gave him the opportunity to star in the highly-anticipated Deadpool sequel.

In an interview with Nerdist, Lundgren mentioned that he'd be interested in returning to the superhero genre he first visited as the in the all-but-forgotten live-action adaptation from 1989. The main reason for his interest in Cable has nothing to do with fond memories about playing Frank Castle, but rather, because the character reminds him of himself.

Lundgren: When I saw the picture, he [Cable] looks a little bit like Ivan Drago mixed with Gunner Jensen mixed with… I don’t know.

4. Ron Perlman

Sons Of Anarchy [Credit: 20th Television]
Sons Of Anarchy [Credit: 20th Television]
  • Most Famous Role: Clay Morrow in Sons Of Anarchy
  • Recently Appeared In: Trollhunters

is one the biggest fan-favorite prospects in the list of Cable casting choices thanks to his colorful history with comic book media. From starring in well-known superhero movies that predate the Marvel Cinematic Universe () to voicing famous comic book villains, Perlman quickly made a name for himself among fans.

By looks alone, Perlman looks like a perfect fit for a live-action Cable. Perlman agreed with these fan sentiments, and even compared himself to Cable on Instagram.

Perlman is no stranger to using social media to express his desires, even if they may not end in the most likable results. Perlman famously turned to Twitter in the hopes of mounting public support for , but as valiant as this effort was, Hellboy 3 was ultimately scrapped for many yet undisclosed reasons.

5. Pierce Brosnan

James Bond [Credit: MGM]
James Bond [Credit: MGM]
  • Most Famous Role: James Bond (circa 1994-2005)
  • Recently Appeared In: I.T. (2016)

One thing all superhero movies have in common is that some of its casting calls are the ones fans expected the least. If the rumors are true, could join this list of surprising casting choices since industry source claim that the fifth James Bond is one of the top contenders for Cable.

Fueling this suspicion was a Tweet from star where he's shown with Brosnan and Reynolds after a meeting where none of the details will be divulged to the public anytime soon. Check out the Tweet in question below.

The former 007 agent may not be the most obvious choice for Cable, but Brosnan has proven himself as an actor capable of action and wit. Whether or not he actually has a part in Deadpool 2 has yet to be seen, since no one involved in the movie has said anything after the trio's picture was shared online.

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6. Russell Crowe

Gladiator [Credit: Universal Pictures]
Gladiator [Credit: Universal Pictures]
  • Most Famous Role: Maximus in Gladiator
  • Recently Appeared In: The Nice Guys

Superhero movies may be struggling to gain the attention of the , but that doesn't mean Academy Award winning actors shun the genre. has not only shown interest in Cable, but also managed to win the creator's favor.

As it turns out, Liefeld is a fan of Crowe's movies and casually suggested that the award winning actor give the role of Cable a shot. Crowe would later exchange a few friendly Tweets with Liefeld, seemingly entertaining the idea.

Later on, Crow re-Tweeted fan-art of himself geared for combat as Cable, to which he asked Liefeld for his opinions. Liefeld approved of James Raiz's art, calling it "freaking awesome."

Crowe's name has been floated in the Cable casting list, but like Stephen Lang before him, he's one of the few actors on the seemingly endless line of names to have Liefeld's personal seal of approval.

7. David Harbour

Stranger Things [Credit: Netflix]
Stranger Things [Credit: Netflix]
  • Most Famous Role: Sheriff Jim Hooper in Stranger Things
  • Recently Appeared In: Stranger Things

Thanks to the success and love for the 80's homage that is , it looks like will be busy choosing from a list of potential future roles in TV shows and movies. If the rumors are to be believed, one of these potential roles is that of Cable in the upcoming anti-hero sequel.

Though Harbour's name was mentioned in the latest Deadpool 2 casting rumor, no one from either Harbour's team or Fox has issued a statement when The Wrap asked for confirmation. It's been said that Harbour was screen-tested by Fox, but there's currently no evidence to back this claim up or otherwise.

8. Michael Shannon

Man Of Steel [Credit: Warner Brothers]
Man Of Steel [Credit: Warner Brothers]
  • Most Famous Role: General Zod in Man Of Steel
  • Recently Appeared In: Nocturnal Animals

Like David Harbour, the rumor of being cast as Cable has close to no hard proof to back it up, but word on the wire persists that the actor is apparently the frontrunner for the role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shannon is not just in the list of Cable candidates, but is reportedly a favorite among the casting heads. Shannon and Fox have yet to give a comment on this rumor, but given Shannon's acting resume and his turn as Zod in the first DC Extended Universe () movie, it's no surprise why he'd be in the lead.

The only hindrance preventing Shannon from taking up the role is a busy schedule that conflicts with the shooting of Deadpool 2. But given this latest development, either the actor found some free time, or he's willing to give comic book movies another shot after the DCEU burned him out for a bit.

9. Brad Pitt

Inglourious Basterds [Credit: The Weinstein Company]
Inglourious Basterds [Credit: The Weinstein Company]
  • Most Famous Role: Lieutenant Aldo Raine in Inglourious Basterds
  • Recently Appeared In: Allied

The involvement of is by far the most surprising casting rumor for Cable, because prior to the leaked concept art, there was little to no word about it. Check out the concept art that was first leaked on Reddit below.

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

But according to Collider, Pitt was considered for Cable before many of the previously mentioned actors were suggested, though negotiations fell through for one reason or another. The concept art may have been made when Pitt was the number one pick for the role before he moved on to other projects, like the sequel. It's possible that Pitt could still be in the running, but he may not be the top choice right now.

The prospect of seeing Pitt take up the role of Cable is something Deadpool fans can mull about, but at the very least, his connection to the sequel gave fans a good glimpse of how the filmmakers want to bring the futuristic cyborg soldier to the big screen.


Who do you want to portray Cable in 'Deadpool 2?'

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