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After a lengthy hiatus, zombie maestro is finally back with a new movie. To no one's surprise, Romero's next project is another zombie movie, but the latest addition to his immortal Night of the Living Dead franchise has an interesting twist. Surprisingly, Romero's latest zombie flick, titled Road of the Dead, is basically Death Race with zombies.

Zombies In Killer Hot Wheels!

You read that right, George A. Romero Presents: Road of the Dead will be a movie where zombies and killer race cars collide. In this version of the apocalypse, zombie prisoners with a shred of humanity intact are forced to participate in deadly gladiatorial races for the entertainment of rich, human survivors in a post-apocalyptic Coliseum.

In true Romero fashion, Road of the Dead will incorporate satirical stabs at modern society and class tensions amidst zombie carnage. Another interesting detail in the synopsis is the use of zombie prisoners, which seems to be a continuation of the idea that zombies can regain some semblance of humanity - a notion Romero introduced in Day of the Dead with Bub the Zombie.

But unlike his previous zombie movies, Romero won't be directing Road of the Dead himself. Instead, Romero will hand the reins over to Matt Birman, a former stuntman and second unit director on various Romero movies, including Land of the Dead and Survival of the Dead. Romero co-wrote the script for Road of the Dead with Birman and will be lending his name and experience to Birman's directorial debut.

The Fast & The Frightening: Zombies Of The Next Generation

Romero may be the well-respected godfather of modern day zombie movies, but his most recent works have been divisive. Seeing him pass the torch to someone new while making his vision present throughout the next zombie apocalypse is a promising move for the veteran director that will surely keep his legacy alive, while simultaneously breathing fresh life into the franchise.

Birman has stated that Road of the Dead was heavily influenced by The Road Warrior, Rollerball, Ben-Hur (1959), as well as Romero's iconic zombie movies. With these movies in mind and Birman's experience with Romero's zombie outings, expect Road of the Dead to be an old-school, adrenaline-fueled genre movie with plenty of burning asphalt and zombie gore splattered across the screen.

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