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No matter which side of the political spectrum you may find yourself on, you've probably found yourself expressing more opinions than normal this year — and that goes for celebrities too. From directors to actors, almost anyone who's worked in the world of entertainment has made their thoughts about the current political atmosphere known via social media.

That's why and got into a brief (yet widely publicized) spat on over the weekend.

Seth Rogen Wasn't Happy Rob Schneider Blocked Him

The unlikely feud between Rogen and Schneider — who've never worked together on a movie — began when the younger comedian behind Sausage Party realized that the Grown Ups star had blocked him on Twitter:

Rogen continued to tweet about it, expressing confusion as to why Schneider would have a beef with him (and landing some pretty brutal hits):

Though Schneider has yet to give a reason for blocking Rogen, many have theorized that politics had something to do with it. Rogen is an outspoken liberal and Schneider is an outspoken conservative. While Rogen continues to criticize President Trump's actions, Schneider thinks that Trump's negative publicity is the media's fault.

The two didn't even comment on each other's tweets, making the blocking seem a little bizarre. Fortunately, it was only temporary.

'Your Pal Once Again'

The reason for the block may never be revealed, but — following mass confusion and backlash — Schneider changed his mind, possibly with the help of Rogen's frequent collaborator and friend, :

Whatever our politics, it's nice to know that we can still communicate and talk things out — as long as we're willing to hit the unblock button, anyway.

What do you make of this weird, short-lived spat on Twitter between Seth Rogen and Rob Schneider?

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