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24 hours before the starting time for Nintendo's much-anticipated livestream on the Nintendo Switch, the Youtube page where the livestream will take place had a very appropriate Easter egg: a screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask which notifies the player when there are 24 in-game hours left in the game's repeated three-day cycle, along with the sound that plays at that moment in the game.

The Easter egg was noticed by multiple users on Twitter and Reddit, including Twitter user VOOK64, who took the above screenshot.

However, this is not Nintendo hinting at a Majora's Mask remake coming to the Switch. This is actually an Easter egg that appears in all Youtube livestreams. As long as a livestream has a placeholder link 24 hours ahead of their release, as Nintendo does in this case, this Easter egg will appear. Of course, this often goes unnoticed as people tend to not keep their eyes on an empty livestream page a day before anything is set to happen.

So, while it would've been a very clever move by Nintendo, this is actually just the folks at Youtube/Google having some fun.

Nintendo's Switch Presentation livestream begins today, Thursday, January 12th, at 8pm PST/11pm EST.

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