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From now on and several months ahead we are expecting to see the unfolding events of DC Rebirth, an event which intended to restore DC universe prior to form of a "Flashpoint" plot-line. Geoff Johns described as "re-laying the groundwork for DC's future while celebrating the past and present. It's not about throwing anything away. It's quite the opposite."

Jim Lee added that Johns, "came up with this brilliant story that basically allows us to seat the New 52 within the continuity that preceded it. So it really synchronizes and harmonizes pre-52 with New 52 continuity".

In a new interview with USA Today, Geoff Johns shines more light on the purpose, as well as helps to explain the major force behind this REBIRTH event. Johns says Rebirth is about restoring hope and optimism to DC Comics. As such, the antagonist with the major force to start the event is all-powerful-godlike being embedded with cynical-pessimism which have been seen before in Watchmen, Dr. Manhattan.

While Watchmen has always been owned sold as DC property, its entire universe is completely separated from DC universe. This whole REBIRTH event brought this two universe to cross-over and creating a plot to establish and restore DC universe existence including its past, present and future, from Pre-new 52 up until new 52.

Dr. Manhattan joins DC universe!
Dr. Manhattan joins DC universe!

It's implied that actually Dr. Manhattan responsible creating the DC's New 52 continuity in which many DC's history and characters altered from its original Pre-New 52 roots. While it is still unclear what is the reason Dr. Manhattan creating New 52 continuity, it is really interesting to follow the rest of the REBIRTH event for next several weeks and months!

With all this reveals, the intention for artworks where all the DC heroes reaching blue-hand in the sky is clear. The image inspired by "Creation of Adam" by Michaelangelo where Adam reaches out to touch the hand of God. Now, we can see Superman and all DC heroes reaching out the hand, presumably Dr. Manhattans, to unveil the REBIRTH event!

Those blue hand! Dr. Manhattan hand!?
Those blue hand! Dr. Manhattan hand!?

In the preview of the several newly titles, we can see a glimpse of the old characters have been restored to the storyline, also fan-favorite had been brought back through this REBIRTH event. With the unfolding of Dr. Manhattan as the major force in the event, what do you think for DC's future?

Can't wait to read the comics!


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