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You remember Saw, right? How could you not? Anyone who's seen psychological horror has the events of the film etched into their brains! Or is that just me? The horror film revolves around the unfortunate victims of the mysterious 'Jigsaw Killer.'

Admittedly, the series got a little weird, well, weirder as more sequels were made and the story became incredibly hard to follow- at least for me. But the one thing that's easy to understand about the Saw series is that it is non-stop, grotesque horror! Hundreds of traps have been used by the 'Jigsaw Killer' to torture his captives—traps I will NOT be describing in any detail!

So what if you took the horror-filled world of Saw and placed it in, say, a comedic generic sitcom setting? The result would be terrible beyond belief...right? Well, that's what I thought, until the YouTube channel CineMash made 'If SAW Was A Sitcom.' Surprisingly, and I mean really surprisingly, there are enough one-liners and gags in Saw to produce a pretty good sitcom.

Don't believe me? I don't blame you, but check out the video below and prepare to be surprised!

In this day and age, a lot of classic movies are either rebooted, remade, or turned into a lesser quality TV show. It happened to Limitless, Minority Report, and Twelve Monkeys, so why not Saw?

Get on it, television networks. Give us a good Saw sitcom, full of those wacky hijinks from that lovable rapscallion Jigsaw. While the day that happens may never come, you can watch this video again to witness what a Saw sitcom might be like—and make sure to subscribe to CineMash for more videos like this one!

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