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After an exciting-yet-safe EA press conference today, I am more than excited for what entails for the rest of E3! EA didn't reveal much during this conference, opting to play it safe and just stick to a couple of new trailers for previously announced games, and short teasers for games that had yet to be announced.

Despite this, gamers did not leave empty handed! From an awesome Star Wars spotlight, to a look at the first game in EA's new Original program, Ea's pre-E3 conference did not disappoint!

One game that fans were excited to see more of was Mass Effect: Andromeda. BioWare's recent installment in the critically acclaimed Mass Effect franchise was announced back in 2015, and we've all been waiting for a really long time to see ANYTHING about Andromeda. Now, that time is finally here, check out the Mass Effect: Andromeda official EA Play trailer!

Mass Effect: Andromeda takes the players to the Andromeda galaxy. Featuring all new worlds. new star systems, and new creatures to interact with, ME: Andromeda will be larger than any previous Mass Effect game, and will give players the ME experience they've been craving for so long!

The trailer takes players behind-the-scenes, showing the work that's gone into designing and developing Mass Effect: Andromeda. In celebration of this epic upcoming game, here are the 5 best moments from the trailer!

1. The Tempest

Early on in the trailer, we get a nice look at Tempest, the sleek new ship that players will be piloting across the Andromeda galaxy! The design is great, and I honestly can't wait to glide around space in the Tempest.

EA and BioWare have yet to release any info on ship controls, and just how much we can do with the Tempest is unknown. Still, with a beautiful looking ship like that, it'd be a crime for EA not to let us use it as much as possible!

2. Ferocious Enemies!

Mass Effect: Andromeda, like other ME titles, is going to have a variety of epic and incredibly viscous enemies. For example, this strange gorilla guy, who can be seen charging at our unnamed hero, before exploding. Presumably because a dastardly red barrel was nearby!

I can't wait to see what ferocious creatures players will encounter on the many planets in this new galaxy! With Mass Effect: Andromeda being such a large game (powered by the great Frostbite engine), and with it being full of different kinds of planets, I'm hoping to see a ton of different kinds of deadly enemies to face off against!

3. Beautiful New Worlds!

Speaking of those tons of planets in Mass Effect: Andromeda, they're full of more than just ferocious enemies—they're also full of beautiful sights, like the one above!

Just look at that visually beautiful planet, full of vibrant colors, amazing graphics, and...some sort of flying alien. I'm not sure what that is, but it sure is pretty! Mass Effect: Andromeda is going to be a visually striking game, players will have trouble looking away from its amazing graphics!

4. The Mako, Your Own Customizable Dune Buggy!

The Tempest isn't the only vehicle that you can take control of in Mass Effect: Andromeda. The Mako is a six-wheeled buggy that you can use to explore the various planet landscapes that you'll discover.

The Mako was actually featured in the first Mass Effect game. It's nice to see BioWare referencing the game that started at it all in their latest installment! The Mako will be fully customizable, allowing players to alter its appearance, its durability and more!

5. Our Main Character?

Players will be able to take control of either a male or female character in Mass Effect: Andromeda, characters we've yet to be introduced to. Of course, these characters will more than likely be customizable, like in previous ME games. But there will also likely be default characters, like Shepherd and his female counterpart, for those who don't want to make any changes to the character.

The person seen at the end of the trailer could very well be the character that we're set to play as, and possibly customize the hell out of! The trailer didn't reveal much about the story, or what the player's purpose will be in it, so here's hoping we get more information very soon.

So there you have it, the new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer! The trailer made me incredibly emotional, and I'm now beyond stoked for this game! I'm definitely picking it up when it releases on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime in early 2017!

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