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The Ubisoft E3 conference wowed its fans with info and gameplay on their best upcoming games. Starting things off with an odd Just Dance-inspired intro, Ubisoft kept the conference fresh with plenty of gameplay, creative team introductions, and a promotion for Watch Dogs 2 that involved Ubisoft getting their conference "hacked".

A member of the fictional Dedsec hacktivist group showed up on screen to inform viewers that another fictional company called Invite was invading their privacy. Immediately after this, gameplay footage of Watch Dogs 2 started, placing viewers in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

Watch Dogs 2 stars Marcus Holloway, a young and hip hacker from Oakland, California. Marcus is framed for a crime he didn't commit by the cTOS 2.0 system. Realizing he won't get justice in a court, Marcus decides to team up with Dedsec to take down cTOS and its sinister creator, Blume. The gameplay shown during Ubisoft's E3 conference gave us a more in-depth look at what we as players will be doing to take down Blume and his corrupt company. Things like what?

Hack San Fran!

San Francisco is the main location for Watch Dogs 2. Unlike the bleak and rainy Chicago setting of the first game, Watch Dogs 2's San Francisco is sunny, vibrant, and beautiful! It's also entirely hackable.

Technology is above everything else in San Fran, turning the city into a hacking hotspot. From cell phones to computers, to cars, nothing is off limits in Watch Dogs 2!

The hacking capabilities were pretty good in Watch Dogs, but Watch Dogs 2 takes them to a new level! In the game, the success of a mission will often rely heavily on your hacking skills. You can use your skills to attack your enemies, or use them to provide yourself with a distraction to make a quick getaway!

Seeing as how this is 2016, Watch Dogs is very much up to the date with the type of technology available for hacking. In Watch Dogs 2, you can use drones to spy on targets, and even attack them.

The hacking capabilities are apparently so strong, that you can even hack entire sections of the city in order to gain an advantage. But it isn't just hacking that the game provides players.

Hardcore Parkour!

You can't be a hacktivist and safely walk around San Francisco without knowing a couple of cool parkour moves! Luckily for Marcus Holloway, he's seem to be an expert in scaling buildings and safely jumping off of them.

Like Aiden Pierce from the first game, Marcus is quick on his feet and very agile. He can jump across rooftops, leap over fire hydrants, and outrun any oncoming attackers! Considering he's going up against an entire evil company, these are some very good skills to have.

As Marcus, you'll be able to use your hardcore parkour skills to get away from enemies, or engage them in an old-fashioned hand-to-hand fight if you want to. And of course, you can use your hacking skills to assist you in your parkouring across San Francisco!

Seamless Online!

Here's a feature I think a lot of people will find really cool in Watch Dogs 2; seamless online co-op. In Watch Dogs 2, you can encounter other hacktivist players in San Francisco, all of them on their own missions.

You can interact with them, say hi, and then continue on your mission. If you want to, you can join them on their mission and instantly start a co-op game. What's amazing about this feature is how seamless it really is.

You can be anywhere in San Fran, minding your own business, and all of a sudden see another player. They can't attack you or disrupt your game in anyway, and you can't mess with theirs either. But if you want, you can team up and complete objectives together. It's just like meeting a real person on the street and deciding whether or not to band together to complete your goals!

I've gotta say, I'm really impressed with Watch Dogs 2. I've never played the original, but Ubisoft's marketing for the game, as well as the trailers and videos they've put out have convinced me to buy the sequel!

We can all hack San Francisco when Watch Dogs 2 comes out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 15, 2016! In the meantime, check out the full eleven-minute long gameplay video below to get a better look at Watch Dogs 2!

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