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Since the Avengers debuted in 2012, the idea of multiverse characters starring in one movie has fascinated fans in all genre's. Horror filmmaker Trent Duncan is making that a reality with his series of Epic Horror Battles on YouTube.

Trent's latest horror battle includes Michael Myers vs Candyman as they go toe to toe in a grungy battle to the death. Watch Michael Myers vs Candyman below

The Film also stars Constance Payne and JT Dickieson as two Umbrella operatives that discover the Puzzlebox from the Hellraiser movies. Both Payne and Dickieson bring an extra dimension to the film, which obviously leaves questions of a larger franchise film in the works by Trent.

Screenshot from Michael vs Candyman
Screenshot from Michael vs Candyman
After filming Jason vs Michael, I wanted to throw another horror icon in the mix. So, I decided to go with Candyman. He's pretty instrumental when talking about old school horror characters. - Trent Duncan

Michael Myers vs Candyman is just one of several created by Trent Duncan. Other films include Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, Michael Myers vs Ghostface, Jason vs Leatherface, Jason vs Michael, and soon to be released The Punisher vs Darkman.

Watch them all on Trent's YouTube Playlist HERE! And subscribe for the latest Epic Horror Battles!


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