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I am a horror fanatic, and a writer :D

Thanks to the blessings of technology people all around the planet can create their own content and share it with everybody else. Today, I will introduce to you a few short horror stories that, hopefully, will keep you awake at night.

It's great to be a horror fan in this era. We have at our disposal, and just a few clicks away, a lot of wicked horror stories in all shapes and sizes. Movies, TV shows, comics, books. They are gifts from the gods of the underground.

Try to enjoy them in the middle of the night, with the lights out and all alone. If you are a fan of horror, you will thank me later. I hope you enjoy it!

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

Tell me, what do you consider to be as really scary? Clowns? Vampires? Bugs? Politicians? The Devil? We all have our own particular phobias (I know I do) but, in my opinion, the things that scare us the most are those things that are unexpected.

This short story about a dreadful ghost pushes the limits of reality and will pierce you right into your soul. Be prepared to get really scared.

You can read it here

'Annie96 Is Typing'

annie96 is Typing is not only a great horror story, it also brings something very unique through innovative presentation. It will capture your attention in a creative way while still being scary enough to make you fear reading on.

You can read it here

'The Story of Lisa'

This one also brings a creative way of telling a creepy story. This tragic and unsettling tale is told via the eerie drawings of a small girl. The disturbing images are enough to scare even the bravest, but its underlying story will distress for you days.

You can read it here

'Bedtime Is At 10'

Thanks to YouTube horror creators have had the chance to expose their works to the world. No doubt Lights Out must be the one the most famous shorts films available online. But there are others that can be as equally as shocking.

Bedtime Is At 10 supports this claim. Its story is based in a new trend in horror (more about this in a few moments). The film is short, but I assure you it will scare you. Especially if you have little kids and you tend to leave them alone at home...

You can watch it here

'SCP - 597'

One of the most fascinating, complex and deep creepypastas out there is the incredible SCP saga. SCP is a unit created to capture and contain paranormal entities, objects and beings. Most of these present a real threat to humanity, and some of them, can even destroy it completely.

There are over 2000 different files in the official page, so if you want (and dare), you could spend several nights reading all of them. I have enjoyed several of these stories, but I picked one for you that reminded me a lot of the old HP Lovecraft's tales. This one tells the story of a despicable and hideous being simply known as Mama.

Trust me, you won't enjoy this.

You can read it here

The Tiger in the Hills

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost is not the only web comic in this list. The Tiger in the Hills is another great example of this form of expression. This comic has a great art and an unnerving concept that will make you doubt about your own perception and about the meaning of reality. If you are fan of Asian myths and tales, you have to check it!

You can read it in here

Two-Sentence Horror Stories

I want to finish this list with one of the most fascinating new trends in horror. What if I tell you that some of the best horror stories can be told in only two sentences? Is that even possible? Yes, it is. Horror has no limits.

You can read some of them in here

Bonus Time!


What is a Trollpasta? Well, a Trollpasta is a Creepypasta so bad that it is good. Let's imagine that they are the Sharknado of the Creepypastas. I picked one of the best available, one that has no sense at all, but one able to fright you . . . Or maybe not . . .

You can read it in here

I hope you enjoyed this list. If you have suggestions about short horror that have really scared you, please let me know in the comments below.

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