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Hello. My name is Akari. Akari Kekse. If you have followed me for the last few months you know that my favorite movie genre is Horror and that my favorite sub-genre is Found-Footage.

There has been an explosion of Found-Footage movies in the last years (it seems that the fever has slowed down a little bit in the past few months). Aliens. Witches. Vampires. Mythological creatures. Serial killers. Giant monsters. They all have had their share of exposition with different degrees of success.

Exorcism films have an important place in horror history. People have a strange fascination with the figure of the devil and with the demons that he commands. Those evil spirits that can possess the human body in order to calm their pain and to satisfy their wicked and pervert desires.

Today, I will present to you 7 Found-Footage movies that explore the dreadful subject of possession. A few clarifications before starting. This is not a “best of” list. These are just some recommendations. Also, I will not talk about movies that I have covered before. So no Deborah Logan and no Michael King. Also, I will not speak about famous movies, so no Last Exorcism and no Devil Inside.

So I hope you enjoy it!

Inner Demons

A beautiful girl named Carson Morris has been a drug addict for the last couple of years. Her parents, trying to help her, contact a TV show dedicated to aid people who have this terrible problem. They will do every possible thing in order to assist her without knowing that her real problem lies deeper than they have thought or imagined . . .

This is a good movie that presents to us an introspective look into the life of someone desperate, someone trapped inside a reality that is eating her soul. Her way to cope this? Drugs.

A movie that show us the terrible effects of evil possession in a world that doesn't believe in it.

Home Movie

A normal and happy family moves into a new house in the forest. The father, a good and merry Pastor, as a way to save the precious memories that they are living in there, records their idyllic life on tape. But not everything is perfect. Something is wrong with his children. They are acting strangely.

What begins as innocent mischievousness, will soon evolve into a true nightmare.

This movie never specifies what is happening with the children. It gives to you, though, enough clues to conclude that they have been possessed. In fact, this dispute is analyzed in the movie through the parents who have two completely different points of view: the father, a Pastor who believes in the spiritual world and tries to help his children using the power of faith and pray, and the mother, a psychiatrist who wants to aid her children through science and medicine.

A movie especially dreadful if you have little children.

The Atticus Institute

The Atticus Institute is a place of science. It is dedicated to investigate paranormal events through the lens of objectivity and reasoning. They are testing different subjects who claim to posses powers beyond the human comprehension. Until now, no one of them have provided conclusive evidence to support their claims. But it all changed when a mysterious woman arrived to the Institute. She baffles the scientists with her incredible abilities that defy common sense. Is she cheating? Or is something deeper going on in there?

I really liked the setting of this movie. I have always been fascinated with the people who claims to have paranormal abilities and the scientists that have tested them. This one takes those interactions into dreadful and terrible extremes. One of the most original movies in this list.

Chasing the Devil

Patrick McCord is trying to catch a demon. Not any demon, but the evil spirit that killed his sister. Even if the police dictated that it was a suicide, he is convinced that a maleficent entity was behind this tragedy. So in order to find the truth, he gathers a group of paranormal investigators to assist him with this fateful search.

This movie is different from others in this list because it doesn’t focus in a single person being possessed. The demon in this movie is perverse and smart and will be a real challenge to keep up with it while it jumps from body to body.

Delivery: The Beast Within

Rachel and Kyle are the stars of a pilot episode of a brand-new reality show. They are about to have their first child and are happy to share this beautiful experience with the entire world. Sadly, some complications are coming their way. Their happiness will soon be challenged by strange events without explanation that will soon evolve into something beyond their comprehension. Not only the life and sanity of the crew and of the faithful husband will be in danger, but also the one of the innocent unborn baby.

Not apt for pregnant women and their innocent husbands.

Dabbe: Bir Cin Vakasi

This movie is the Turkish answer to Paranormal Activity.

An evil curse is haunting a family. A perverse Jinn is loose in its house. Several cameras inside will record this terrible experience, while they try desperately to cope with this extraordinary event.

Dabbe is an interesting film. Of the many Paranormal Activity clones, this Turkish delight is no doubt one of the best. The exotic atmosphere and the unique traditions of this ancient country add to the creepy factor in a way that no Hollywood movie could even dream of.


A trio of cute young Japanese girls is hired by a TV channel to investigate a set of strange events that are happening inside a haunted house. They are not alone, a brave monk is there to help them. He is an expert fighting against demons and evil spirits, but the creature that lives in the house is more powerful than anything imaginable. . .

The greatest thing about this movie is the charismatic main character, Neo, named after the hero in Matrix. He is always mad and doesn’t tend to talk much, but he is, no doubt, brave and always willing to help. Also, he is incredible powerful. No demon can stand his might. I would love to see him in more movies.

I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook. I upload movie recommendations frequently.

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