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Ronda Rousey is one of the baddest women of the planet. One could argue that she is the simply the best female fighter ever. Some think that she can defeat the most strong women. But I am sure that there are challenges that even she can't overcome.

As a horror fan, I know that a lot of villains are simply invincible. Jason for example, has lived hundreds of years (he is still alive in the distant future, if that makes sense). They can be defeated temporary and that's what most survivors hope.

Can Ronda Rousey defeat some of the most powerful female villains in horror films? This is an intriguing question that I will try to answer today. After all, if she can't defeat them, how mere mortals like us can dream about survive?

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Regan MacNeil

Let's face it, Ronda Rousey can defeat most women (and a lot of men). But can she defeat a woman AND an ancient blood-thirsty demon? I seriously doubt it. Pazuzu, the demon who controls the innocent Regan, is one mean guy. He not only killed the good and noble Father Merry, but he made Father Karras to sacrifice his own life. Of course, this selfish act was useless, and Pazuzu, using Karras' body, started another killing spree a few years later.

Reagan/Pazuzu has several powers, like telekinesis and telepathy. She can make you going insane by muttering terrible words wrapped in lies and truths. Can Rousey resist Ragan's malign powers without losing her mind? We all know that Rousey is physically strong, but is she mentally strong? Has Rousey enough faith to defeat this ancient evil?

The Blair Witch

We don't know how this legendary witch looks, but we have an idea about the immensity of her power. For what we can deduct, she can warp time and space and can possess other bodies and minds. In short, she has the powers of Jean Gray, but she uses them for evil.

The Witch doesn't even need to face Rousey; she can destroy her from afar. She only needs to put Rousey in an eternal night of desperation and dread while watching from the safety of the shadows how the fighter loses her mind slowly and painfully. After weeks of this torture, the Witch only has to take the Olympic medalist to her old house in order to give the final blow.


Another powerful telepath, another impossible challenge. Samara can kill you using sinister powers. She appears in front of you after coming out from a television and then you will suffer a terrible dead. How does she kill you? Well, it seems that she uses a terrible psych attack that no human can resist.

Of course, Rousey has seven days to prepare for the fight, but unless she tags along with The Rock, she has almost no chance to stop Sadako's anger. Since Rousey has no psych abilities (not that I am aware of), she has no real chance. Of course, she can punch Sadako, but since she is a spirit, I think that would be useless.


Mothra is a giant flying monster that has fought against the mighty Godzilla a few times. This beast has a huge size and can destroy entire mountains using her powerful and divine body. She has also fought several other huge creatures like King Ghidorah, a giant dragon of three heads.

Has Rousey a chance in a fair fight. The simple answer? Of course not. In fact, this combat would only last a couple of seconds. Well, to be fair, Mothra could also defeat anybody else on this list easily.

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