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2016 was one of the best years ever for horror movies. Is this a bold statement? Perhaps, but it is the truth.

There were several films that put the genre on another level of recognition and craftsmanship. Several directors and actors who love horror films contributed with their talent and dedication and gave us some of the best horror movies ever.

Here is the list of the 7 Best Horror Movies Of 2016. Unlike other years, this time was hard to create a list of the best because I had to leave out SEVERAL great horror films that everybody should know.


Honorable Mentions: Beyond The Gates, The Monster, The Eyes of My Mother, Hush, They Look Like People)

The Witch

A catholic family has moved into a new cabin in the woods, away from civilization. They plan to live a life of peace dedicated to God afar from temptation and sins. Of course, sometimes you can't hide from evil; it will always find ways to find you and ruin your hopes and dreams. It seems that a wicked witch lives in the forest next to the house and now the family will have to pray for help to God in order to survive.

The Witch is a different kind of horror film. It has a slow pace that relies on atmosphere and suspense. This feeling of underlying dread will not leave you alone until several days after you have watched it. If you like movies about Satan and witchcraft, most likely you have watched (and enjoyed) The Witch by now. If you haven't watched it, you have to do it now. One of the best horror films of this decade.


Have you traveled through the desert on a desolated highway? I am sure that a lot of you have. But none of you have experienced the terrible nightmares that the main characters of Southbound lived while traveling a damned road in the middle of nowhere. Ancient legends said that there are zones on this planet that connect to Hell, and this highway may be one of them . . .

Southbound is an anthology horror movie that feels like the proud successor of the VHS trilogy legacy. They choose four great directors to film each of the segments and they all did a great job. Southbound sticks out from other anthology films because it doesn't have a weak segment, on the contrary, all of them are original, interesting and scary.

Green Room

What monster scares you the most? Vampires? Werewolves? What about aliens? Demons perhaps? All of these mythological and fascinating creatures have invaded our screens in order to give us endless nights of nightmares. Of course, all of these are dreadful monsters that deserve to antagonize horror films, but there is another group of beings who can be as scary: Neo-Nazis. A group of rockers who are trapped inside a building will find that sometimes human beings can be scarier and deadlier than the more sinister of mythical beasts.

Why is Green Room one of the best horror film of 2016? Simply, it breaks several boundaries that horror movies have had a hard time pushing out. This one feels real. The main characters (and the villains) will act based on common sense and logic. Green Room is a gritty and intense experience

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

A body was found buried in the cellar of a house where an entire family was murdered brutally and mysteriously. After the police take it to the local morgue, a series of strange events start happening. Will the morticians find the truth?

To put it simply, The Autopsy of Jane Doe is one of the best horror movies of this decade. After seeing thousands of horror films, it is great to find one that keeps me guessing and intrigued (horror movies are so formulaic these days). It is also incredibly scary and tense. You will find yourself screaming at the screen. The Autopsy of Jane Doe has it all: Great acting, amazing directing, and an excellent and original plot.

Train to Busan

What kind of people can you find while traveling on a train? The businessman who reads his morning newspaper while drinking coffee? Check. The mother of three children who never seems to be quiet? Check. The pretty girl who is ignoring you? Check. A horde of zombies who is devouring the rest of passengers? Check. Wait, what?

The Walking Dead has shown us that people love zombie stories and Train To Brain is here to confirm that this love will last for a long time. Train To Busan has some of the best characters in any zombie film. You will care for most of them and will feel their pain and anguish. It is not only the best zombie film of the year but one of the best zombie films of the last few years.

The Invitation

A group of friends has been invited to a small and comfy dinner/party. They are having a great time, laughing and sharing past experiences. But things aren't what it seems to be and they will soon find that the hosts have an underlying and secret motive behind this reunion that will make them fight for their lives and sanity.

Horror films tends to rely on gore and jump scares to bring fear to the audience. The Invitation doesn't have to do this in order to scare us. Its creepy atmosphere and slow pace are enough to keep us terribly tense while wondering what are the intentions of the hosts and what is really happening. Only a few films make you wonder what would you do in a situation like this and The Invitation excels on this.

Don't Breathe

If you were a thief, would you consider to rob the house of a blind man? It would be an easy job, right? After all, what can be easier than that? A trio of friends thinks the same, and after finding out that an old blind man has a fortune in his house, they decide that such amount of monet can change their lives for better. But soon they will find that there are not easy ways to become rich and that the prey can become the hunter.

One of the best surprises of 2016. Don't Breathe takes an interesting concept (a robbery that goes terribly wrong), and does wonders with it. You will not be able to predict what will happen in the next five minutes. It is an smart movie that surpasses all expectations.

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