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Whatever you do, don't look to your right. I think that something (or someone) is watching you from the corner of your room...

Thousands of people around the world have seen strange humanoid figures that are completely black, like shadows. Eyewitnesses claim that they had felt a great amount of fear in their presence.

Some investigators agree that these sights are caused by hallucinations. People simply get confused, believing that they are seeing something that is just not there.

But there are other more sinister explanations. Some believe that these beings come from other dimensions and that our primitive brains can't process their true form, so we see them as shadows. Other people believe that they are aliens from other planets. Another group of investigators believes that they are dark entities, like demons or evil spirits, who have entered into our dimension to do us harm trough fear and suffering.

It is hard to find tangible evidence about these obscure beings but once in a while, someone is lucky enough to capture one of them on camera.

A YouTuber named Whatever Entertainment claims to have real evidence of a shadow person. You can check it next:

According to the video, he and his family heard strange sounds that came from the basement. His wife thought that the sounds were made by their cats, but he thought otherwise. So he grabbed a camera and went there to show her that the cats weren't the culprits. Of course, she was wrong. It wasn't the cats, but something way more sinister.

I have to admit that this particular evidence looks pretty convincing. The figure looks not only dark but diffuse (just like thousands of eyewitnesses have claimed). And it doesn't seem to be the shadow of an object, because you can see clearly that it is moving, just like a human person. It also doesn't look like someone in a costume, because the figure is quite blurry.

Now, there is another aspect of this video that I want to talk about. The name of the YouTuber is Whatever Entertainment. Don't you think that this is kind of weird? It is the name of an entertaining company. So one can guess that they do create videos with the purpose of entertaining. So maybe this supposed evidence is not as real as it seems. The channel only has another video, and it is unrelated to this one.

I'm not saying that the name of the channel should be enough to disregard this evidence, but it should be noted. I do think that it is strange and it can affect the validity of this video.

Well, what do you think about it? Did you found something suspicious about this video? Do you think that it is real? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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