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As we creep ever closer to the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, 's publicity team continues to tease us with clips showing the latest incarnation of the wall-crawler in action. Spidey has been invited to the NBA Finals, met Stan Lee and even encountered DJ Khaled — today though, we've been given a small featurette detailing his suit's new features:

Tony Stark has given Peter a suit beyond his wildest dreams, and it seems that the young hero is overjoyed by the upgrades. Various features were revealed earlier this year but today we actually got to see some of them in action. From new webbing settings (576 to be precise) to a surveillance mode, Stark has certainly used all of his resources to give his young protege a suit to be proud of.

It's a little different to the comics. Because of Peter Parker's financial struggles, the young hero was responsible for the upkeep of his suit and could often be found performing repairs on his costume. He also had to figure out all of the scientific upgrades himself. Tony Stark has certainly spoiled the 's Peter Parker.

Spider-Man Worldwide

[ Credit: Marvel Comics ]
[ Credit: Marvel Comics ]

It hasn't always been sewing up holes in the costume and testing spider-tracers' stickiness on Aunt May's non-stick frying pan though; the modern Peter Parker is quite different. Thanks to Otto Octavius, Peter now runs his own worldwide company. As a result of this, Peter's suit has undergone some serious upgrades while maintaining the classic look. Many of these upgrades are carried over from Octavius's time as the Superior Spider-Man, including the enhanced goggles and web-shooters.

Rather than simply disguise his face, Peter's eyepieces now include a head-up display and night vision settings as well as sensors to scan injured people to determine the extent of their injuries. They're also linked to his web-shooters, as they include targeting systems.

He operates his suit by linking it to his Webware — the best-selling smartphone on the planet, created by Parker Industries — though Peter's is a much more sophisticated version of this. It allows him to communicate with his allies quickly and effectively; Peter now supplies S.H.I.E.L.D. with its technology and works alongside them. The Webware is also capable of creating holograms to disorient his opponents.

The web-shooters have also been enhanced to allow Peter to use many different types of webbing ranging from acid webbing to quick-drying cement webbing; pretty much any situation Peter finds himself in has a web solution. There are a number of different web cartridges and a "bug zapper" made from Micro Coiled Z-Metal, which delivers an electric charge to whomever it touches. All of these features are voice-activated allowing Peter to change tactics very quickly.

An Enhanced Spider-Suit

[ Credit: Marvel Comics ]
[ Credit: Marvel Comics ]

It's not only the offensive capabilities that have been upgraded; Peter's new suit is also a highly sophisticated Spider-Armor, which improves his durability. The armor is able to withstand a great deal of blunt force without showing any visible damage. It can also stand up to extreme temperatures having been tested with the Human Torch's flames and Iceman's freezing powers.

It is made of lightweight metallic nanotechnology so Peter no longer needs to find somewhere to put it on, he can simply summon it and it will cover his entire body providing the protection he needs. It's capable of quickly switching between the armor and a business suit. Allied to this, the armor is capable of stealth, changing its colors slightly to blend into surroundings.

The suit also enhances Peter's natural strength, allowing him to hold even greater weight than usual. Basically, the suit enhances all of Spider-Man's capabilities and greatly improves his ability to fight crime or defeat his enemies.

Stark's Influence

[ Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony ]
[ Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony ]

There's an obvious disparity in age between MCU Peter and comic book Peter, so there will be some changes between the Spider Armor Mark IV and his suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but it's clear to see that Tony Stark plays a huge part in both versions.

Many fans have criticised the new direction Dan Slott has taken Spidey in the comics by comparing him to Tony Stark's early days — his claim that Spider-Man is his bodyguard is exactly what Tony Stark used to say about Iron Man in the comics! Peter makes fun of this comparison in true wisecracking style:

"Tony Stark would wet himself if he knew what I was packing in this suit."

The relationship between Peter and Tony in the MCU looks set to be a key part of the upcoming film with Stark taking up a mentorship role. He gifted Peter the suit in and clearly felt that he proved his worth so allows him to keep it. But we've already seen from the trailer that their relationship will become strained — and who knows, maybe this leads to Peter using his own genius to create some gadgets to defeat the Vulture.

What do you think of Spidey's suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming? Let me know in the comments!

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