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It all started in a region not too dissimilar to a region in Japan. More than 20 years in and that first region, the Kanto region, remains one of the most nostalgic, beautiful and cool regions in the history of Pokemon.

The Kanto region is home to many different types and breeds of Pokemon, and (almost) all of them deserve a position on this list. Yet we only have five Pokemon and we will have to make do.

The Pokemon on this list will be based on a few factors.

  • The Pokemon on this list will not be Legendary.Legendary Pokemon are by default made to be above normal ones. Therefore to avoid making a list exclusively of Legendary Pokemon, we will stick with the non-legendary ones.
  • The Pokemon will be ranked based on online polls, their stand in the Pokemon Anime and games, as well as my own opinion.

Without skipping a beat let's jump right into the five Coolest Pokemon of the Kanto Region:

5. Gyarados

The elusive water dragon and Pokemon Go's longest grind, our first pick is Gyarados. Gyarados is one of Kanto's fiercest predator's with a shady past, he is the evolution of arguably one of if not the worst Pokemon in all games, Magikarp. The evolution line is based on the Chinese myth of a koi trying to swim upwards the Chinese River only to fail continually. Demons saw the Koi's attempts, laughed at it, and raised the incline as a sick joke. The Koi didn't give in, though, and instead made it to the top, impressing the Gods, who turned the brave Koi into a Dragon.

4. Dragonite

The original Dragon of the Kanto region and Lance's best friend. Dragonite is the first "pseudo-Legendary" we ever met in the Pokemon Universe. Majestic, strong and a little goofy, this gold dragon is a very good representation of what it is to be a Pokemon. A rare Kanto Pokemon if it is to be one and also the Pokemon of choice of the last Elite Four, Lance. Defeating this Pokemon felt always as a big step in your Pokemon Journey.

3. Squirtle

One of the original three, and the first Pokemon friend of many of children across the globe. This little turtle, the water type starter, is and always will be one of the most nostalgia-filled Pokemon in the entire franchise. From the coloring, his anime appearance (which is a little cooler) and his evolution line, Squirtle is a must have on a list of the coolest Pokemon in the franchise.

2. Pikachu

Up next the little electric mouse, the poster child for the Pokemon company. At this point many of you would say "oh come on this is not a cool Pokemon, it's freaking Pikachu", and you will be correct, but think of this; how many of us thought Pikachu was cool when we were children? Recall the days you watched Pokemon every weekend in the morning, and think for yourself, how cool was Pikachu? Well for me and for many others Pikachu was extremely cool back then and that's how he got this spot on the list.

1. Charizard

Was there ever any doubt? Charizard was, from the very beginning, one the most fan favorite Pokemon in the franchise. Starting with Ash's Charizard and its attitude, to its Pokemon Card Game card, Charizard always stood as one of the most famous Pokemon in Pokemon history. The final evolution of the most picked of the first starter trio, Charizard would be a Pokemon any fan would like to have even today.

Do you agree with this list? If you don't, write us about what you believe should be the top five coolest Kanto Pokemon, If you do, don't miss out on the next Pokemon article about the top five coolest Johto Pokemon.

If you want to find out more about the rankings taken into consideration when making this list click here and here.

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