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All Dogs Go to Heaven was one emotional roller-coaster of a film, that's for sure. The movie had some really moving parts that were sometimes difficult to come to terms with at a young age, like the fact that Charlie had been murdered and that it seemed he'd given up his only chance to return to Dog Heaven. But it is one of Don Bluth's masterpieces, and the hilarious rascally duo, Charlie B. Barkin (voiced by Burt Reynolds) and Itchy Itchiford (voiced by the incomparable and sorely missed Dom DeLuise), and their antics helped to make this endearing animation not only a memorable movie, but also a moral learning experience that will leave you in tears.

With so many people with fond memories of All Dogs Go to Heaven, it's not surprising that some have gone a step further with their love for the movie and created some awesome fan art!

All.Dogs.Go.To.Heaven by guardianofire

The dream team!

All Dogs Go to Heaven by CasCanete

This depiction of little Anne-Marie (voiced by Judith Barsi) really captures her ability to talk to animals.

All Dogs go to Heaven Cel by AnimationValley

I love Itchy and his rad '90s street look! The fact that he was voiced by Dom DeLuise just makes him all the more endearing, the man's voice lent itself so well to animation. DeLuise also voiced one of my favorite Don Bluth characters, Tiger, in the American Tail movies.

Carface by CHANELGoo

More disgruntled than evil in this depiction, Carface is, for sure, up to no good... and still smoking that nasty cigar.

You Cant Keep a Good Dog Down by spiritwolf77

I think one of my favorite parts of the story is when Charlie first gets to Heaven and immediately asks if he can just wind his watch so that he can keep on living. You can't keep a good dog down!

The end by Jack-a-Lynn

Oh God, the tears! The look on his face really shows that time has literally caught up with him. I'd call this one 'Existential Charlie.'

All Dogs Go to Heaven by fiorendina

This one really hits where it hurts. This piece is beautifully done and it's also in the place where Charlie was murdered by the evil Carface.

Charlie the Angel by amydrewthat

Charlie, back with some sass on his angelic face.

Mardi Dogs by julianwilbury

I can imagine these two getting up to all sorts of hijinks at Mardi Gras. And we've already got an idea of what drunk Charlie would be like (sans the murder):

Annabelle - ADGTH by Celebi-Yoshi

This Annabelle is spot on!

Calling All Angels by RaphaelsLover

I'd love to see a scene like this happen. I guess little Anne-Marie doesn't have as much of a problem with gambling when cookies are at stake!

Heaven or... by HectortheWolf

Now for something... a little on the weirder side. I guess you can eat all the cupcakes you want in Dog Heaven.

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