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The f*cks are at it again! Mark Frost and David Lynch have once more come out with a stunning Twin Peaks episode as we round the bend and head for the finale in just a couple of weeks. Episode 15 of The Return took us to the convenience store and back, we got to talk about Judy (a bit), and we might have even seen a literal spark behind Cooper's eyes. But putting aside speculation and deliberation over what's to come, what tiny Easter Eggs and references might you have missed in the latest episode? Let's go through five of them below:

1. Mark Frost Appears As The Man Walking In The Woods, Cyril Pons

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

While plays a prominent role both on screen and off, series co-creator Mark Frost had thus far kept himself tucked away from the camera lens. However, all that changed in Episode 15, "There's Some Fear in Letting Go," when Mark Frost stepped out from the pages of his companion book The Secret History of Twin Peaks and into the woods as reporter Cyril Pons.

Pons was the author behind news columns on the death of Andrew Packard in 1987, Laura Palmer's murder and Ronette Polaski's resurfacing, the Packard Sawmill fire, and the bank explosion at Twin Peaks Savings and Loan. In Episode 15 he is seen walking his dog in the woods when he comes across Steven and Gersten clutching each other and a gun.

2. Jeffries's Numbers Are The Same As The Coordinates On Ruth's Arm

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

When Evil Cooper finally meets Agent Jeffries (who has since turned into some sort of giant teapot), the old subject of Judy is brought up. Luckily for us, it seems Cooper himself doesn't know much more about her than we do and fires off a list of question at Jeffries, to which he gets the response, "Why don't you ask Judy yourself? Let me write it down for you."

At that moment numbers start to issue from Jeffries's spout, and it turns out we've seen them before in coordinate form on Ruth Davenport's arm:

48°55'14.2"N 117°76'34.58"W

So, Judy is in Twin Peaks? And we've met her before? *scratches chin*.

3. The Motel Where Evil Cooper Meets Jeffries Is The Same One In Which Leland Met Teresa Banks

[Credit: New Line Cinema/Showtime]
[Credit: New Line Cinema/Showtime]

While Evil Cooper might have been sucked up into another dimension when he met the first line of Woodsmen above the convenience store (which also seems to be the same place we saw in Episode 11, which in turn seem to be the place Laura entered through the painting in ), he was then transported to a motel. We got a good look at the setting after following Cooper as he walked across the grounds, and eagle-eyed member of the Twin Peaks (2017) Facebook group Steve Boaz spotted that we've actually seen this motel before. It is the Mt. Si Motel in North Bend, WA, and was Teresa and Leland's meeting place, as you can see in the photo above.

Also, for anyone counting portals, the number 8 on the door to Jeffries's room could well be another one.

4. The Film Dougie/Coop Watches Is Sunset Boulevard, One Of Lynch's Favorites

[Credit: Paramount Pictures]
[Credit: Paramount Pictures]

Lynch has stated many times throughout the years that Sunset Boulevard is one of his all-time favorite films. In addition to its iconic status as one of the greatest films of all time, Sunset Boulevard also features a minor character called Gordon Cole. Coincidence? Of course not.

5. Sarah Palmer's Face Gets Superimposed On The Jumping Man's

Redditor DumbleMeHarry (great name, btw) did us all a great service by slowing down the image of the infamous Jumping Man, which Evil Cooper sees when he enters the room above the convenience store. But, most horrifyingly, we can see that Sarah Palmer's face seems to be superimposed, perhaps suffused to that of the Jumping Man. What does this all mean? We know that Sarah has got something literally going on behind her eyes, but what's her connection to the Jumping Man? Are they one and the same?

Did you notice anything else in Twin Peaks: The Return, Episode 15?

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