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Android Oreo has been unleashed by Google as their newest mobile operating system and it looks to be another game-changer for all android smartphones.

As of right now Google only smartphones, namely: Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X or Pixel C are the only phones where the update is available. Other smartphone companies such as HTC, Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Sony have confirmed to be compatible with Oreo soon. This update is also a godsend for many mobile online shopping sites since an update in Android software is often followed by a season of smartphone releases from brands.

The Features

It must be noted that these features will not be readily available for domestic smartphone manufactures and even their new releases such as the Oale X2 or the OnePlus 5T.

Android O's incredible power saving

For efficient power saving Google has decided to put automatic limits to all background app activity on Android O. Implicit broadcasts, background services and location updates will now be stopped resulting in less energy consumption, and longer battery life.

Earlier updates thanks to Project Treble

Android 8.0 will have a vendor interface with Project Treble. What does that mean? Android will be modular so that local manufactures can access implementations from internal component vendors, such as Qualcomm and MediaTek. The result? Android updates are faster and independent of vendor implementations.

Downloadable Fonts and Fonts in XML

Powered by Android Support Library 26, the 8.0 requests fonts from the provider application. With no disorganized APK fonts, APK will be reduced, successful app installation rate will increase and several apps within the same phone will be able to integrate with and use the font.

Compiled in R file, fonts can be used as resources and are automatically available in your phone.


This incredible (and essential) feature is a New Year present by Google for Android users. This update allows you to watch videos simultaneously as you write a note. The video will continue playing in a separate virtual window whilst you browse on a different app. Kind of what YouTube is doing within its app but integrated throughout your android app.

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