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Gone are the days when Scott McCall was shocked to find out other werewolves existed within the quaint town of Beacon Hills. Nowadays it's extremely rare to come across a werewolf on the supernatural show at all. The Nemeton is mainly to blame, drawing in Hellhounds, Wendigos, and evil Japanese spirits every other week. If this sounds more like the overall plot for Supernatural and not a show called Teen Wolf, then you're right. The only one remotely holding that mantle of teenage werewolf these days is Liam Dunbar who entered the show in season 4 and who is portrayed by Dylan Sprayberry, the closest thing this cast has to a teen as well.

But that could all change in the upcoming episodes for one character in particular.

Dylan O'Brien and Ian Bohen in 01x12, Code Breaker.
Dylan O'Brien and Ian Bohen in 01x12, Code Breaker.

Scott McCall will always be the show’s main teen wolf, no matter how many supernatural lacrosse players try to take his place. But he wasn’t Peter’s only choice back when the alpha was looking to build his own pack of outcasted high schoolers. If you recall, in the final moments of Teen Wolf’s freshman season Derek’s psychotic Uncle offered to give Stiles the bite in return for helping him locate Scott. If the shock in that moment wasn’t audible on the young boy’s face, it certainly was on ours.

“That first night in the woods, I took Scott because I needed a new pack. It could've easily been you. You'd be every bit as powerful as him. No more standing by his side, watching him become stronger, and quicker, more popular, watching him get the girl. You'd be equals. Maybe more.”

This revelation was one we had always considered a possibility. After all, even The Vampire Diaries gave up on Elena’s humanity after several seasons. A supernatural show with a very human character at the center of it is as rare as the werewolves that once plagued this show. At the time of this proposal, viewers weren’t aware Stiles’ humanity would be a grounding point for the MTV drama in upcoming seasons. Nor that when Stiles pulled away in disgust and told Peter he would never be like him, that he was speaking for the show’s producers as well as himself.

While Jeff Davis, the show’s executive producer, has made it clear Stiles’ status would never change, that didn’t stop him from teasing the idea over the years. Because in that very season finale Peter told Stiles that while he may believe he was telling him the truth, the boy was only lying to himself. Derek’s Uncle had caught his heart beating slightly faster over the words, “I don’t want."

Thanks to Peter’s supernatural hearing we would always know Stiles held some resentment over the fact that Scott had been chosen in the woods that night and not him.

This would be the last we would hear of this discussion until the back half of season three, which was ultimately one of the best seasons this show has produced because the storyline not only toyed with a darker side of Stiles, but him having supernatural abilities as well.

What made Void Stiles such a credible threat to the pack was the fact that very little could kill him. It took two Argents, a terrible plan to rob an armoured truck and an ancient Japanese scroll for Deaton to finally learn the only way to stop the Nogitsune was by changing the body of the host. So here we were two years later and the discussion to turn Stiles had been reiterated, but just like last time the idea was quickly shut down.

“And what if he doesn't want it? He's never asked to be a werewolf. What if it saves his life? What if it kills him? I've never done this before. I mean, what if I bite him and accidentally hit an artery or something?” Stiles’ best friend pointed out, sharing the thoughts of viewers that had almost moved on from that scene in the garage parking lot two seasons prior.

If Scott’s worry wasn’t enough to bury the idea, then Peter weighing in was enough to put the thought of biting Stiles to rest for what seemed like the last time. He explained that Stiles didn’t look like he would survive a slap across the face, much less the bite of a werewolf. Thus reiterating Stiles words to him all those years ago.

With the writers going to great lengths to avoid that storyline, i.e. having the Nogitsune assume another form of Stiles and then face Scott’s bite, it would seem the title of Teen Wolf will always be taking on new faces, just not Stiles’.

However, three years later and it would seem Stiles' humanity is in question once again.

Teen Wolf, having entered its final season after a surprising six season run on MTV, isn't looking to reinvent the show in its remaining episodes. Instead, the show is relying on past seasons to tell a familiar story, using the ghost riders’ abilities to erase memories as a way to revamp the storylines at the heart of this show. It would seem airing dirty laundry also means proposing the age old question this show has done everything not to answer.

Will Stiles become a werewolf?

After it became clear only supernatural creatures could withstand enough pain to cross through the ghost rider’s barriers people began to wonder what this meant for Stiles' future. Until Peter came out the other side looking like a burnt Krispy Kreme donut and we quickly regained faith in Stiles staying human and staying alive for the time being.

Skip forward several episodes and Melissa McCall, being the amazing nurse she is, had discovered a 9 herb concoction that could destroy any poison left in the body by the wild hunt. This meant healing whatever fatal third-degree burns Peter had suffered from crossing through the train station’s barrier. This also meant turning civilians into werewolves as a means to save them was back on the table, however painful the process may be.

However, this revelation still wasn't a big deal considering no one had actually discussed turning Stiles into a werewolf out loud. The mere mention of the idea on twitter was enough to send fans into a frenzy.

Then, only moments into last week’s episode titled Blitzkrieg, Lydia came bursting in the room uttering words that warranted a spit-take from any viewers watching at home, “You're going to bite Stiles,” She asked rather calmly considering what had just come out of her mouth.

We would quickly learn she was simply stating the plan the true alpha had set in place himself. Scott, dearly missing his best friend, explains to his pack that if they could turn Stiles and slip him through the rift, it would buy them enough time to come up with a way to stop the Ghost Riders once and for all. After all, Stiles is always the one to figure it out.

Don't be fooled, this was a plan that had been discussed offscreen by the characters, as well as the producers for years. The bite was always looming over Stiles character as a viable backup plan, but like the dark lord's name, never to be spoken out loud. For Lydia to come right out and say it was pushing the boundaries this show has had set in place from the start and showed Teen Wolf doesn't have the time to go stepping around delicate matters anymore.

Which is why in one episode we were given more backstory on Stiles than the last five seasons have cared to provide: including his name (Mieczyslaw! Mieczyslaw Stilinski), his final moments with his mother, and how Roscoe the Jeep fell into his hands.

What else were we given? Reassurance that this plan of Scott’s wasn't going to fizzle out as quickly as other's had in the past. No matter how much Peter disagreed this time, because yes, after all these years Peter Hale is still carrying the weight of Stiles words from that night in the parking garage.

But Scott was never a part of that conversation. Scott just wanted his best friend back. He needed that voice of reason that would tell him his plans were always terrible and offer up a slightly better one that involved a lot less duck-tape.

So, Malia, Lydia, and Scott went trudging through the tunnels beneath Beacon Hills, looking for the entrance to the train station. Scott was prepared to sacrifice himself to the Ghost Riders in order to find Stiles, but Mr. Douglas, being the rotten Nazi werewolf he is, foiled their plans and practically erased everyone but Scott before slipping through the barrier with Parrish, the only one that could withstand the Wild Hunt's poisonous burns apparently. To make matters worse the Ghost Riders showed up shortly after with every intention to kill the lacrosse captain, instead of erasing him from existence and waiting for the boy’s soul to hollow out. They're done playing the long game.

By the end of this week’s episode, it's unclear what fate lies for the remaining Beacon Hills residents, let alone Stiles Stilinski. With a defeated pack and Melissa McCall- that's right those horse riding bastards took Mama McCall- sentenced to the same fate, it's unlikely Scott or Teen Wolf will attempt to revisit biting Stiles in future episodes. With Melissa's knowledge of the nine herbs gone as well, there's no safety net set in place to do so.

Plus, The Sheriff believes he saw Stiles appear briefly after he remembered Claudia had actually succumbed to her dementia years earlier and that they did, in fact, have a son. This suggests that no one will have to become a supernatural creature, but simply be remembered in full for a rift to open between the two worlds.

While I would like to believe Lydia’s words were just another tease from the writers, maybe even a fun way to revisit the topic, Stiles own words from season two come to mind. Convinced that he had the evidence to prove Matt wasn’t as innocent as he let on, Stiles reiterated what the Sheriff had once told him, “One's an incident, two's a coincidence, and three's a pattern.”

Could this be a pattern? Is Teen Wolf foreshadowing Stiles untimely fate? While highly unlikely, it is worth noting that this season has been all about coming full circle. Peter revisited the comatose state he had been confined to in season one, The Sheriff found closure with Claudia's death, and Melissa finally got payback for that horrible date she went on in season one with Peter. Stiles accepting Peter's offer all these years later would be coming full circle. With Peter banished back to the train station, knowing full well what Scott's plan was prior to his conversation with the Sheriff, it's not out of the realm of possibility. If Stiles knew there was a way to escape the wild hunt he would take it, even if accepting the bite meant he might die.

Surely Stiles' storyline this season will have mixed reactions, whether he is standing at Scott’s side at the end of it all or not.

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