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If you are a freak about horror movies, and cannot think about anything in this respect, then you are at the right place. Here is a list of best Netflix horror movies of all times.

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The Babadook:

Babadook is all about parenting on the darker side with some scariest scene. It was released in the year 2014, where Stephen King’s novel was picturized. In this movie, a child sees bogeyman who apparently was real. Babadook was the problem child who had some supernatural possessions. According to critics, it was one of the most horrific movies of its time.

Dead Snow:

Dead Snow is a horror movie that is all about zombies, the Nazi zombies. When a couple of friends go to camping, they found out that zombies lived in the cave and the woods. The story revolves around people and zombies.

Extraordinary Tales:

Edgar Allan Poe’s legends of horror wait for your darkest episodes with life. Each legend has its own terror and separate account with death. From murder mysteries to the darkening pits of grave, it’s all there.

Hell Raiser:

Complete package of sex, blood, gut, greed and money, all at one place or at the haunted house or for that matter at the place of scariest of imagination. It is a journey through pain and pleasure towards destruction.


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