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The Game of Thrones Mysteries that Still Remain to be solve! Two more summers and we will all know for sure. But, what are some thoughts here on what is coming in Season 7 and 8!

  • Has no figured out the bigger story underneath yet?
  • Why is it everyone has missed the bigger point of this show!?
  • Where is this all heading to?

Science, Magic and Religion Conflict

This world is about Science, Magic and Religion Conflicts exist all the time and Game of Thrones is no exception. Author Martin has a strong background in history so it makes sense that conflict too would come into play in the story. The more we see magic, the more conflict seems to come with it, anyone else notice that? Show has moved towards the more unbelievable possibilities that come with Magic being brought back into the world. I think that is was woke up the white walkers.

Magic has slowly been brought into this world, little by little! And you know what and think the White Walkers sense it and that is what woke them up!

Dragons and Dir-wolves are Real!

  • The Drier-wolves were sent to the Stark's as a sign of the dangers coming there way!
  • To protect them much, as Danny was given the three Dragon eggs!


The first main point is family and protecting it! At the core of this show it is all about the family and protecting it. The show has left me thinking on a few things here. I just wanted to put these thoughts out there and please feedback is welcome or anyone thoughts

  • It is all about the Danny, Jon and Tyrion Targaryens!
  • The main family is actually the Targaryen's and the Stark's!
  • The show central story is them, and they the three dragons here people!
  • There are always three ...
  • Robert even stated that! I think he thought the Three was Danny, her brother and Ameon Targaryen, however, I think he was wrong!

Overall Thoughts

  • Azor Ahai? Danny or Jon or both?
  • Sam sword come into play? Think hard about that one for a moment?
  • The new Red Woman vs the one we already know?
  • Did Ameon know about Jon!?
  • THe Masters are being killed off one by one, anyone notice that? They are ground in more science over magic?


  • How will Danny come into play marriage?
  • Is Danny the only Targaryen?
  • Will Danny find family members she did not know she had?
  • Will she save the North and the Seven Kingdoms both!?
  • Will She and Jon meet? Marry? Work Together? Be allies?
  • Will she punish the Lannisters?
  • Let all Kingdoms really have a choice to follow her or be independent reporting to her?
  • How will her story play into the bittersweet ending?
  • Will she allow anyone else to ride a Dragon? Sharing is caring LOL!
  • Or win one but lose the other?
  • Three treason's for gold?
  • Three loves Khal Drogo, her latest that she left behind? and mystery third?
  • Three fires to bring dragons into the world, the claiming of Queen and head of horses, and one more?

Daenerys Targaryen will be Queen and is already of everyone! Watch out Seven Kingdoms your true Queen is coming for you. What will happen in Season Seven is anyone guess at this point. She has gone from a young teenager, to falling in love and loss of that love

She has like how many armies again? unsullied, so on.. THREE FULL GROWN DRAGONS! and after six seasons she has enough ships to bring them all down on The Seven Kingdoms. She is an unstoppable force at this point and I can not wait to see how this all wraps up on the last two season/13 some odd episodes left.


  • Tyrion being a hand of the queen now will he finale do and be in a position to really help save Westeros?
  • Will he kill his sister? Or will his brother Jamie?
  • IS he a Targaryen too?
  • Will he get to ride a Dragon?
  • or will someone else like Arya?
  • Will Sansa and Tyrion see each again?
  • Are they still wed then or will they agree to undo it?
  • Tyrion, will he and Theon talk at all?
  • Will Sansa his wife come up ?
  • Will he react in any way about it?
  • Tyrion being a hand of the queen now will he finale do and be in a position to really help save Westeros?
  • Will he kill his sister? Or will his brother? or will someone else like Arya?
  • Will Tyron who is now with Theon, his sister, and Darneys come face to face with Jon and Sansa?
  • Will they work together or fight?

Tyrion is a big question mark too, Tywin always said he was not his son, but accepted him because he could not prove it right? Will Tyrion mother did mess around with the Mad King Targaryen was the rumor!


Jon as King of the North, Warden of the North actually is lit! He is the oldest, and he is the son of Lyanna Stark the older Sister of Ned! She did ask him to promise her something very important that no one could quite here

Who can fight against anyone notice who that is JON who is Stark/Targaryen both! He has something in his DNA there, that is so important!

  • Will he stay at Winterfell?
  • Will Jon survive being King?
  • Will the questions surrounding the Winterfell crypts be answered at last?
  • Jon is the son of R+L (no longer a question it is TRUE!)
  • What if Jon , Rob and Theon were all mixed around? Far out there question but think on it for a bit here!

Do not underestimate learning from past mistakes either on this show! Jon has I am sure had it with things not going right, and will do everything he can to keep Winterfell and his family safe. The problem is Sansa knows the game they are about to play better then him, hopefully they team up not against people.

Cathlynn Stark doomed herself and some of her family by not accepting Jon and making him Lit. as she promised the gods she would do! Broken Promise, that seems to be mended by Sansa accepting Jon when her mother did not?!


  • Will She and Jon continue to rebuild and defend there home?
  • Civil War between siblings?
  • How will they deal with little finger?
  • Will Sansa split from Jon and go with Little finger?
  • Will Sansa decide to stick by her brothers side?

I think Sansa is actually alright with that right now, because she trust him not to hurt her unlike other men. However, her look at Littlefinger was more like O no! I know that look. He does seem to have a power when it comes to fighting back.I would not underestimated him and if Sansa is on his side and they work together who knows!

Foreshadowing? Everything ahead of time! Did no one notice Littlefinger telling Sansa the story about Lyanna and what happened to her! I think there is something to be concerned about, foreshadowing not just the past but, also the future. He offered and she turned him down so far anyway!? Will he make her? Will he request her hand properly by asking Jon?


  • Arya, will she go North or South?
  • Ayra the assassin?
  • Will she Run into the Red Woman and/or the Hound?
  • Will she kill one or both of them?
  • Will Hound help again?
  • We know the brother he is now with are heading north?
  • Will she find Jon and Sansa?
  • If she does will she hide herself but on go see them? But not actually let them know?
  • Will she head south and kill the Evil Queen?
  • Ayra said she was going home?
  • Did she mean to Winterfell or what?
  • Where the heck is her buddy GENTRY still rowing?

Here are some thoughts .... Arya is was meant to turn into a killer in a way no else in the world she is from could. She has to close the green eyes yet, who has those again Ceresi! I have a feeling she will but how it will play out is hard to say.


  • Stark have to man the wall and Winterfell, now none them are!?
  • So, what happens if they are not at home or on the wall either!?
  • Winter is Coming aka Winter is Here - meaning the Stark's are the best chance for everyone in the North now, A Stark must always be in Winterfell
  • Why? so clear MAGIC Barrier with there presence, same on the wall

The Cripes of Winterfell, anyone notice that every season! Every season we visit Lyanna tomb! Also the only woman in her family to get a statue, only the leaders of Winterfell get those!

When will JON go down there? Will he at all, we know from reading the books LOL if you did that he has a lot of nightmares around what is down there!


NO Stark's at the wall how does that affect the magic barrier that Uncle Ben (who is sort of alive) told Bran!

Bran is now the Three-Eye Raven and we know he can impact the past! Affect it! What about the future! Can he decide the chain of events in some shape or form?

  • Will Bran make over the Wall?
  • Tell John the truth about his past?
  • What will happen to the Wall if he does over it?
  • Will it come down? (foreshadowing - "Don't knock it down while I'm gone" Jon)
  • Remember the Night King marked his arm there, and remember what happen at the cave then?
  • How will Bran handle finding out what happen to Rickon and Osha?
  • Was there more to tower of joy we have not yet seen?!

  • HOLD THE DOOR and how it turns in to HOD

Bran the three eyed raven who can affect change in the past what about the future!


Littlefinger, it is hard to tell which way he will go, I think he will stay on the Stark side if only to prove to Sansa he can stay loyal to her?

Or maybe her will mess with her, try to run off her to Vale? Why waste time telling us about how defensible the Vale is if that is not coming into play at some Point? We know once he is done with some

High as our Honor, Well all but Robin left here, I have feeling that will come into play somehow?

  • Sansa actually marry him at some point?
  • Littlefinger needs to be removed from the equation however, for anything to happen here at all.
  • Will the Vale become a Safe zone to evacuate the people from the North to go to?

Jamie and Ceseri Lannister

Hear me Roar, Lannister Jamie and Ceseri are so having some problems! She might be queen for now but she will not be forever!

Her so called future is written someone younger and better with killed her and replace here... I think it is going to actually be Arya disguised as Sansa! That is a twist of twists! That she is going to this to protect her sister from the queen and end the queen. I think that she will reunite with the Hound! And he will take care of his brother the queen's body guard.

Two Major Battles at least

  • Kings Landing Battle where
  • Dorne, Stark, Tyrells, Danny Tyrion, Theon, are all joined up against Jamie and Ceseri!
  • A Sea Battle?

  • The Wall VS the White Walkers
  • The wall is coming down why all the foreshadowing hints if it is not coming down?
  • I have a feeling we will see this either at the same time as Kings Landing Battle or near it!

  • White Walkers VS Everyone in a final Battle
  • Dragons will take part! They have to at this point, they would be very useful in protecting and saving some of the North but, it is all about timing here. Timing is everything.
  • The right pieces in place at the right moment!
  • Sam will discover many important things around this time ! How to win prehaps? Who

Bittersweet Ending?

  • OR will Sansa words "I wish we could change everything" be a foreshadowing?
  • To save her family and there world from being torn about?
  • Could this mean some kind of major sacrifice that is leading into the bittersweet ending?
  • Does Bran somehow stop himself from climbing that tower!?
  • Or does he go back further to stop Roberts war?
  • Like someone has to died or never be born and only Bran knows?
  • What is the bittersweet ending going to be? Danny, Jon, and Tyrion Ride off on the Dragons? Danny and Jon marry and find our they are family afterwards? Tyrion and Sansa stay married? She claims the Vale, Riverlands, Castle rock, Winterfell and more...
  • Ayra, Sansa, and Bran all have the possibility But the two younger ones are off doing other things so, Bran more then likely no ... Ayra is off taking care of her list

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