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The Brothers Grim tale of Little Red Riding Hood, shows up more then we realize! Lets explore, and please post below which versions or takes our your favorites! Have you ever read the Brothers Grim's version of this fairy tale? I do recommend it at some point, all them in truth!

Red Riding Hood (2011)

Amanda Seyfried as ...Valerie/Red
Amanda Seyfried as ...Valerie/Red

Many of us, no doubt, have seen this version with its all star cast. The cast included, Amanda Seyfried (Valerie/ Red), Billy Burke (Valerie's father/wolf/wood cutter), Gary Oldman (hunter), Shiloh Fernandez ( Valerie's true love), Max Irons (Valerie's Fiance/hunter) , Virginia Madsen (Valerie's mother), Michael Shanks (Valerie's mother true love and father of Valerie's older sister who is killed by the wolf), Michael Hogan (villager),and Julie Christie (Grandma gives her the cap)

The whole turning the he he wolf into a werewolf takes a different twist here and was not the first time it has been done either. Critics very very negative on this version but, you know what if what and read the original story by the Brothers Grim this is one the closer versions to it! on the original story, this time the wolves changes form and is werewolf, some were like what? However, the not only version to do that.

Honestly, this might the best know film to focus complete on Red Riding Hood story to many of us. However, there are many, version out there! This version does take elements from the darker Brothers Grim version and throws in some twists. This is one of the best versions out there for sure, but its not the only one!

Shiloh Fernandez as Pete
Shiloh Fernandez as Pete

Little Red Riding (1988)

This version just might be one the best versions! It has drama, action, betrayal and more! This is version made by MGM in the late 1980s, the also made other brother grim tales.. including Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Frog Prince, Beauty and the Beast, and more. Each was a musical and showcased the top talent at the time in each of the roles.

Much as as the story a little girl (Amelia Shakley/Linet)receives a red cap from her grandmother (Helen Glazary/Nanny Bess) to protector and she basically never takes it off. The wolf (Rocco Sisto/ is always following her and her mother( Isabella Rossellini/ Lady Jean). They did do the whole turning the he wolf into a werewolf again here. Because her evil uncle, who is her fathers (missing for seven years now/hunter) twin brother (Craig T. Nelson/ Godfrey / Percival) wants to marry her mother. Much like the other MGM films made at the time there is musical background to the story and a few minor twists.

Red Riding Hood (2006)

This version is about grandma babysitting two grand kids not just one coming and visiting her in the woods, one the girl (Morgan Thompson/Clarie/Red) go out on her own however, Grandma (Lainie Kazan)retells them as story to make them think twice. The hunter in the story was played by who again... O yea Superman himself, Henry Cavill. They did do the whole turning the he he wolf into a werewolf (Jack De Wolf / Big Bad Wolf) again here. Like I said earlier here, they do that a lot in the story!

Red: Werewolf Hunter (2010)

A Sci-FY take on Red as a werewolf hunter, and so is her whole family. Comes home with her fiance to introduce him to her Grandmother and older brothers. They things go way wrong and nuts. This is just a fun take on the story, taking from the original elements of it and throwing in a bunch of new ideas for how it could go. Now again here it is wolf turned into a werewolf. Its not for everyone, but some of you might just watch and get a kick out it!

Once Upon a Time - Red/Ruby S1- present

We all by know have hopefully seen Once Upon a Time! It has a red included, she a was seen more during season 1 thru 2, and has show up again on a occasion since then too. She was a main character for a time now and again as one ob Snow Whites/Mary Margaret best pals. In this telling she is wolf turned into a werewolf.

Into the Woods (2014)

Now, of course, we cannot leave out Into to the Woods Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford)! This is at the start the story we all know, the wolf appears to be just a wolf, with human like features here, so I am guessing he is either shape shiftier, or werewolf. Now, this is for sure one of my favorite takes as well, because she is not just by the book we all know, but starts that way and then she grows. Plus, she gets a few great songs.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Yea, come on now, she hunts vampires! Sometime werewolf! She even dressed as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween!

Faerie Tale Theater: Tales from the Brothers Grimm (1982)

This version stared Shelly Duvall, she did a ton of the Brothers Grim's tales into films such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and more, just like MGM did!

Red Riding Trilogy (1974, 1980, 1983)

This is more of crime meeting investigation, meets horror. That is one this I notice with this character is often made into horror, more than any other fairy tale lady, she does not get romantic comedies or dramas so much as horror and science fiction.

Trick of Treat

Has its own Red Riding Hood, Anna Paquin!

Hoodwinked (2005)

This is animated classic version of Little Red Riding Hood (voiced by Ann Hathaway), that is most enjoyable, even for us grown ups. Maybe not the top favorite as the point was to just make us laugh, it wins that one, but it was only hints of the original story were even kept.

The Dangerous Christmas Of Red Riding Hood (1965)

Red Riding Hood... And More James Marshall Fairy Tale Favorites (2004)

The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (2006)

So Red is only in the beginning here and the wolf/werewolf is seen during the film as well.

Grim (television show)

Little Red Riding Hood (1995)

Little Erin Merryweather (2007)

Shrek and Red Riding Hood!

Red Riding Hood(2003)

Blue's Clues - Blue's Room - Little Blue Riding Hood (1996)

Ginger Snaps 1, 2

Is a take on the story but more the wolfs point of view. Now some may be like what? think about for a minute the basic story, and then think about the basic story here. IT grew out of the Little Red Riding Hood story and turned into something totally new and for those who enjoy this type of film quite good.

Which was your favorite version?? That fact is I really like several version, the MGM 1988 and 2011 are my top two. Followed closely by Rudy/Red from Once Upon A Time. I also love the Into the Woods take too!

Which was your favorite version??


Which was your favorite version of Little Red Riding Hood??

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