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Ayra Stark, the youngest daughter of Ned and Cathryn Stark seems to be the toughest little girl ever. She has several siblings Rob, Jon, Sansa, Bran and Rickon Stark. A Long with a Theon Grey who she was raised with as well.

She has survived many of her own trials. Ayra, has grown from a young child into a young woman. but her journey was learning how to fight back with a sword. She learned how to become assign ate by using different faces to disguise herself.

Winterfell, she was born and raised here. She is a real rebel and she is not a lady, as she says on many times.

She has an attitude and a confidence in herself! Something no one expects, in our world we would call her a Tom Boy. She is a lot like her Aunt Lyanna we find out! From Bran's visions in season six.

Enter the King Robert Baratheon, and Cersei, Jamie, and Tryion Lannister,Robert Baratheon, Joffrey Baratheon, Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane , Gregor Clegane comes...more..

She so, not that impressed.

She sure likes to tease her older sister every chance she gets! What little sister doesn't ?

Her needle
Her needle

Her gift from Jon Snow her half brother. Needle her own sword, he had it mad especial for her before she left for Kings Landing. Ayra is very close to her big brother here it a touching scene.

Arya "Stick 'em with the pointy end"

Jon "First lesson: stick 'em with the pointy end"

Arya "I know which end to use"


Saying goodbye to Nyirma her Dire wolf and friend...but remember not dead and still out there. In the books there is this super pack thing that comes into play. I wonder if it will carry over to the show?? She showed great personal strength letting Nyrima go instead of risking them hurting her. She was protective just like her mother is of her children.

Lady -Sansa wolf pays the price for it when it was Nyrima and the reason she sends her away!

Adjusting to Life in Kings Landing, was not easy for her. She did not like it there at all. She and Sansa fight often with each, mostly about the fact she lied and got Lady killed because of it.

Ned, works hard to try and claim them both. And as always reminds his girls

"Winter is Coming"

He finds about Needle and decides to make she she learns how to fight with a sword the right way. They call it her Dancing lessons.

Eddard "A little Lady shouldn't play with swords."

Arya "I wasn't playing. And I don't want to be a Lady."

Unlike, Sansa she is not interest in being a lady, but instead warfare and training in the use of arms. She is a tom boy through and through. Tough as nails.

Her Dance teacher Syrio Forel tests and teaches her how to be a great swordsman. When Lansister men come for her and her sister Arya, she is with her Dance teacher who reminds her of his most important lesson!

"What to do we say to the god of death?"
"Not Today"

Arya escapes capture and runs for it. Hiding on the streets of Kings Land.

Sansa was captured
Sansa was captured

She was protected by Yoren from see her fathers head removed at least. And ushered out of Kings landing and towards the wall and winter fell. although her journey northward was not easy by any means.

After her father is beheaded, a trusted man from the Yoren a member of the Nights Watch, takes Arya with him and disguises her as a boy to protect her.

He tells her he will get her home to Winterfell to her mother and brother. However, it should be noted the Ned told him to take her to the WALL?? To Jon.

Going around as boy to survived but, still showing her guts and tom boy wit! She meets and makes close friends Gendry.

Unfortunately, the Lannister and hunting them ! Gendry is a bastard son of the now late King Robert! They are caught and the Nights Watch is killed!

Gendry: "I should be calling you "milady.""

Arya "Do not call me "milady.""

Gendry: "As milady commands! [Arya shoves him] Well, that was un-ladylike."

While there she repeats as she so often does her list. The list being her kill list which is includes: "The Hound -Ser Gregor Clegane,The Mountain, Cersei Lannister, Tywin Lannister} Joffrey Baratheon, Missandei, Walter Frey, Ilyn Payne... Ser Meryn" .......Since her fathers death she repeats this over and over again. Held Prisoner and put to work for Tywin Lannister. Who takes a shin to her, and can tell she is not a boy! But never calls her out on about it.

Captured but still in hidden

He does take an interest in her. I think he knew she was Arya Stark but respect her enough to just keep her close. She uses her wit and what she knows to protect herself from him but also finds herself, I think respecting him a bit too.

Gentry is put to work with Blacksmiths, his trade. While Arya is made Tywin's cup bearer.

"Harren the Black thought this castle would be his legacy. The greatest fortress ever built: the tallest towers, the strongest walls. The Great Hall had thirty-five hearths. Thirty-five, can you imagine? Look at it now... a blasted ruin."

"Anyone can be killed." Arya

At one point Petyr Baelish visits Lord Tywin, and Arya is afraid he will know who she is however, Tywin notices her fear, and tells her to leave.

Jaqen H'ghar, befriends Ayra after she saves his life and the two others. He is from Bravos and faceless man. He helps Arya and Gentry escape.Ironically right after she escapes her Brother and Mother make it there! But all the prisoners were killed. They also take needle from her!

""Valar Dohaeris". All men must serve. Faceless Men most of all."

Brotherhood Without Banners find Ayra and Gentry. And will they feed them! They also offer to help Ayra get to her Grandfathers home in the Riverrun, Grandpa Tully.

Sandor Clegane the Hound runs into Arya with the Brotherhood! And reviles who she is. The Hound is changed to a fight because of killing Arya's friend and others. He wins! Making her very mad!

Gendry and Arya have become very close at this points. But he wants to stay with the Brotherhood.

Arya - "I can be your family!

"You wouldn't be my family. You'd be my lady." Gendry

However, the Brotherhood, give Gendry to the the Red Woman Melisandre (The same one who brings Jon back!)

Arya "You're a witch! You're going to hurt him!"

Melisandre: "I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you'll shut forever. We will meet again."

This act make her run away from them post-hast. And into the Hound again! He takes her with him and tells her he is take her to her mother and brother!

He becomes her protector and Capture at the same time.

They make it the Twins in time for her Uncles wedding to the Frey Girl, called the Red Wedding.

Rob, his wife and child, wolf and Catelyn Stark were all killed at the Red Wedding which took places on at the twins. Arya so close to safety and family could only watch.

Lucky, the Hound found her in time and saved her from being discovered or killed. The heartbreak of losing her mother and brother after having been so close. Yes, it was lucky she was not there or she would have been killed too most likely but the heartbreak.

After, what happened at the Twins, the Hounds still wants to get her somewhere safe and get some money.They journey to the Erie and his mother sister house.

He decides to take her to Her Aunt Lysa Arryn,in the Erie, however,Baelish had just pushed out the moon door!

That is another story, and O' Sansa is there! She just did not know it! At this point Ayra like OK, nothing for it she just starts laughing.

On their journey he continues her training in how to fight back and kill with needle. That she gets back after it was taken from her. She is in spit of everything deciding to push forward and keeping her list and goals in mind. She and he do grow a relationship dispute she hates him.

The list being her kill list which is includes: "The Hound -Ser Gregor Clegane, Cersei Lannister, Tywin Lannister} Joffrey Baratheon, Missandei, The Mountain, Walter Frey, Ilyn Payne... Ser Meryn" .......Since her fathers death she repeats this over and over again.

He decides to take her North to Jon but that ends up not happening because ....Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne.

The Hound refuses to give Arya up to her and they go at it hard!

Leading to him being badly hurt and dying. He asks her to kill but she does not. I think that is becasue she began to care about him and like him. Because he taught and even said he was looking after her.

Ayra ends up leaving the seven kingdoms to the Free City of Braavos, and to join the Faceless man who helped her .... Jaqen H'ghar.

Arya "You said I could be your apprentice. You said you'd teach me how to be a Faceless Man."

Jaqen "A man teaches a girl. "Valar Dohaeris." All men must serve. Faceless Men most of all."

Who are the Faceless Men, and what do they do? The trained people to give up their identities and instead become "no one". They also worship and do everything in the service to the Many-Faced God ( aka the god of death).

"There is only one god, and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: 'Not today'."

She spend most of the time from her on out on a journey to herself ultimately. You know that saying about you have to lose yourself to find yourself. She does just that, she goes through to become no one.

When she does not follow orders she loose her sight for a time, until she earns it back. She kills someone she was not told she could. Someone from her list! The Waif gives Arya a very hard time, she bullies pretty much hand hates her. Even tries to kill her. Arya rises above everyone of her challenges. She is not a nice person but she is trying to teach Arya, I think or is she jealousy of her? Hard to say on that.

Waif "Who else was on Arya Stark's funny little list?

Arya "Cersei Lannister. Gregor Clegane. Walder Frey..."

Waif "That's a short list. That can't be everyone you want to kill. Are you sure you're not forgetting someone?"

Arya "Which name would you like a girl to speak? "

Remember this list keeps coming up over and over again. The list being her kill list which is includes: "The Hound -Ser Gregor Clegane, Cersei Lannister, Tywin Lannister} Joffrey Baratheon, Missandei, Walter Frey, Ilyn Payne.., The Mountain, . Ser Meryn" .......Since her fathers death she repeats this over and over again.

After she gets her sight is she test to kill someone, that she ends up not wanting to. And ultimately refuses to.

So, they come after her and try to Kill her!

"The Waif: "You, who walk in here with a coin you never earned, whose value you do not respect. Who are you?"

Arya Stark: "No one."

The Waif: "A lie. A sad little lie. Who are you?"

Ayra is stabbed several times and she jumps into the river to get away! Don't worry she lives through it. She has to be smart and tough to make it out of this.

In the end, she survives the attack and tells Jaqen..

"The girl is no one, the girl is Ayra Stark of WInterfell and I'm going home"

Ending season 6, we find a Arya getting stabby happy with Walder Frey after having cooked his sons Lame Lothar and Black Walder Rivers ( they killed her pregnant sister-in-law) into a pie and let him eat them. WHOOO! The little girl is for sure gone now.

"My name is Arya Stark. I want you to know that. The last thing you're ever going to see is a Stark smiling down at you as you die."

Revenge for the Stark's at last, she gets another off her list. Her whole world has become her list. The real question is what happens to here if no one is left on it? Does she go home? Will she be able to move forward.

Questions for Season Seven to think on...

  • Arya's kill list where is it truly at?
  • Will Theon be added to the list for his crimes?
  • Will she meet Danny? Tyrion? and the Dragons?
  • Those still alive on the list: The Mountain, Cersei, Missandei, and The Hound (not dead)
  • Will she head south and kill the Evil Queen Cersei Lannister?
  • Will she Run into the Red Woman and/or the Hound?
  • Will she kill one or both of them?
  • Will Hound help again?
  • We know the brothers without banners is heading north.
  • Is Jamie Lannister now on her list or not? Is planing to use him?

Other Burning Questions...

  • Ayra said she was going home?
  • Did she mean to Winterfell ?
  • Can Arya even go home now?
  • She is not who she was anymore?
  • Will She ever see Bran?
  • Will Bran have visions of her?
  • Arya, will she go North or South?
  • Will she find Jon and Sansa?
  • If she does will she hide herself but on go see them?
  • But will she actually let them know she there, we know she can hide?


Emmy's 2016 Note: Maisie Williams( aka Arya Stark) has received a 2016 Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series nomination! Lets all say CONGRATS!

This was a well deserved here is Arya Stark, her journey has taken so many twists. From the to the two-face men to learn on kill people. That takes work and effort and Maisie really had to learn to become no and Arya Stark both by the end of it. Arya has gone through a journey losing herself but also finding her true self. The question is where will this road actually lead her?

She had to go from being blind for awhile there to becoming a full assassin by the end of season six. With that in mind her character grew the most in one season that I have seen. I think she has a real chance here of taking the award. But, then again depends on the voters. This proves that is she is one the toughest in Thrones and should be taken seriously.


Do you think Arya is the Strongest of all?

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