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In the city of Pittsburgh, there is a great Halloween location to check out! It is called the Scare House! This is voted in some polls to be the top place to go on Halloween night. After having been there I get why. To the Staff at the Scare House on all there hard work and great scares! Thank you.

WOW! Screams and terror and laughs all at the same time. I was lucky enough to enjoy and check out this amazing place! Wow! the terror, the actors are first class and they will make you scream! It was a wonderful place to spend Halloween night.

The Scare House is inside this 100 year old + building. From the moment you enter to the moment you leave it is non-stop thrills and chills. Even that scary guy for the film Trick or Treat was in there! When I saw him I was scared and impressed. The whole thing is so much fun. I would recommend this place to anyone that wants to do something really different and crazy fun on Halloween night.

The haunts as they a refereed to are so awesome will not give much away but they have the summons rooms, the Creepos Holiday 3-D, which was totally wicked (meaning awesome), and the Zombies!! I felt like I was in one of my Favorite shows of all time, the Walking Dead! The basement is for those who really want to be freaked out! I will be honest, no I did not go in the basement.It was just fun time. The link below can offer more information.



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