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The new Fast and Furious 7 films is finally here!


Do not read post until after you have seen if you do not want to know.

This film could have gone so many ways, especially after the sad loss of Walker (Brain) character in the middle of filming. My heart goes out to the his family and friends. That said this is film did turn out to be the best of the saga, and I am not just saying (writing) that either. It really did deliver what would be excepted from this saga, fast cars, action, and family at the heart of it all.

After seeing this film, and all that comes around it, I am left with only one word here, well done. When Walker passed away and they had to figure out how to pull this off, they came through. I think if Walker would be more than proud of the whole cast and crew. This film did not disappoint or let down in any shape or form. That is all the cast and crew hard work and love for this film.

If I may to the Cast and Crew thank you for the hard work and making this film a true tribute and great film both. I know from Vin's post he wanted to make Walker proud, and I am sure you have done that and more.

The film does go all over the world! London (where we see a hurt Owen Shaw and his big brother blasting into and out of the hospital to see him. Threatening the doctor and nurse to help him and keep him alive or else.

The Locations....

We go the Casus Mountains in Azerbaijan , Dubai, Tokyo, and as promised by Vin LA. When in LA a short return to Race Wars, even Hector shows up! We should all remember Hecktor for the first film?

Brian and Mia ...

Paul Walker will always be missed and never forgotten with the Fast Saga, and his other works, such as Hours ( a truly great work, if you have not seen please do). It was a nice touch to have Brain, with Mia (who is expecting another child with Brains character) and their son together on the beach. The whole idea being that Brain belongs at home with his family for now on. Home is the theme and parting of life ways, but always in each others heart. A really nice touch, and music is well timed to say the least. Brain goes from being a racer to a family man with the heart of a racer. The end scene is very moving and to be honest my me cry a bit. It was beautifully done and with respect. The film is a great tribute to Walker and his legacy as an Actor. The ending offers a wonderful ... goodbye screen.

As to the parts where his brothers, and CGI take over, I can honestly say it was very hard to tell the difference. If, I may send a thank you to his brother for stepping in and helping finish this film for their brother and also send my condolences to them and their family. It was well done and detailed, with care. I did not expect that to be the case, and I am glad they really took the time pay attention to the detail.

Dom and Letty ....

Dom is trying to help Letty clearly remember and show her love. She ends up leaving him for short bit but returns after Hun's funeral. She slowly has flashbacks and memories return during the film. Dom has a great fight scene and square off with Shaw character. Shaw who blows up his house and nearly kills Mia, Brain, his nephew and him! Dom struggles with his loss of Hun and focuses on stopping Shaw.

Letty gets and cat fight on! Letty gets a great fight scene as well with Rhonda R., this scene is just fun to watch! Both are great ladies and they really did a great job.

Dom takes on Shaw! And nearly gets himself killed! But Brain pounding doing CPR and Letty relieving something huge brings him back to us. In the end of the film they come together and a big surprise for fans too! Dom and Letty actually got married in the DR!

Rest of the Cast ..

All the character really have some kind of growth and role they play during the film. The new cast does add and blend in. The stuns are many, but well done and mixed with the story.

Cars do fly in this film a few times LOL, which is really entertaining! They sky dive, they jump through high buildings...hey are cars superman now? The stuns are really great and fun to watch.

When Dom goes to get Han and bring him home, we also see Lucas Black's character and role reintroduced into the film. The only thing here is I wish we could have seen the race between him and Dom. Maybe in detailed scenes, please.

Tyrese (the talker) and Ludacris (the tech) both deliver their roles well, Tyrese brings in humor and smiles. and Ludacris sets up his jokes often as usually. The hacker who is a lady, and seems to join this family for the most part.

The big fight scene between Hobbs and Shaw is worth seeing on the big screen! Everyone has a fight scene from Walker's very during the film, from the bus scene to others. The action is great. Hobbs role is perfectly time, and we see he has a his own family, a daughter. Eliana is still working with him at this time.

Afterwards Hobbs is down and out and Kurt Russell fills his shoes sort of for a portion of the film. Russell brings something new into the film. He is also a friend of Hobbs. Hobbs does return in the end of the film with a great scene and diggs out Dom after a rough car crash!

Overall grade...10/10

Again, I would like to extend a special thank you to the Cast and Crew for their hard work and for making the fans a great last ride that we I hope (all we) will enjoy for the rest of time, to remember Walker but also this family that as a fan we have come to love. I hope this is not the last film but if it is thank you to Cast and Crew. This was not an easy task to complete and you pulled it off.


How do you grade Furious Seven overall?

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