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Even though Downton Abbey has ended. It left behind some wonderful one liners and quotes! This is to explore that and just have fun remembering those great lines that made us fall in love with this show. And I should mention these for the most part all Maggie Smith character Lady Dowager Grantham. Her lines were the best in the show! Enjoy! Add your favorites in the comments, please.

1. "What is a Weekend?" --

2. "I'm not being ridiculous"

3. "Why don't I find reassuring?"

4. "I forbid it"

5. "She reads too many novels"

6. "All this Unbridled joy has given me quite an appetite"

7. "How you hate to be wrong..." Lady Crom...

8. "Don't be defeatist dear, It's very middle-class"

9. "I am a woman, Mary, I can be contrary as I choose"

10. "No she's not being rude, just wrong"

All quotes and images are from Downton Abbey season one -six and belong to the creators, writers, characters, and most all Maggie Smith. We love you!

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