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Two great legends were lost in 2016. These two were a mother and daughter pair. Everyone is talking about there music, movies, scandals which is normal when actors pass away to talk about those things. However, there is a deep heart of the matter that seems to be there but, not really said. They may be gone but there true legacy is how to live life well, and the legacy will be carried on by the daughter and granddaughter.

Carrie Fisher on December 28th 2016 and her mother Debbie Reynolds on December 29th 2016.

What a sad few days, it sure has been. Two legends, lost in two days, but their true legacy is not even being mentioned in the reports.

It is so sad to lose Carrie, but losing her mom the next day! That is heartbreaking to have them both gone. There are no words that one can offer and say. The lost of Carrie was awful and a shock. Now Debbie as well, at least they are together.

I wanted to take a moment and address something, everyone is talking about Signing in the Rain and Star Wars here, which makes sense. Those are part of there legacies but, I have a feeling not the most important part. The most important part from them was there family. Family can carry on legacy too for both them.

They are not completely gone however, there true legacy will live on, in what they leave us with the works and projects. But also Billie, she is every bit apart of the them and them apart of her. All the legacy talk and I have not heard anyone say that. So, I will all legacies do live on in their children and grandchildren. Not to take anything away from the great works, but lets remember these ladies were both mom's and they left behind a young woman who can carry them on with her.

My heart goes out to Billie, Tony and your family during this unbelievable and heartbreaking timing.

The did leave us with some wonderful moments and ways to remember them. And those should not be discounted at all, because they do matter. I just think that family should come first for their legacy.

The only silver lining if there is one is they are together now and will be always.

Carrie Fisher know for Star Wars and the icon and inspiring Princess Leia.

Carries made Princess Leia into a role-model both on and off screen. She also became a role model in her own right and inspire who knows how many in so many ways. Carrie you will be greatly missed but, leave behind a legacy far reaching and lasting.

Carrie career took through acting, writing, and so much more. She stared or appeared in many films from 'Star Wars A New Hope', 'The Empire Strikes Back', 'Return of the Jedi', 'The Force Awakens', and even in 'Rogue One' as Princess Leia and General Leia more recently.

She was in 'The Blues Brothers,' and 'When Harry Met Sally,' "Drop Dead Fred', and more. She even has fun role and I love her in this 'Sorority Row' as a house mom, do not mess with her girls now! many more.

Let's all just say it the "Scream 3" cameo was great! I was like its Princess Leia LOL!

Carrie even has series on amazon too in its fourth season called Catastrophe. She also did work on 'The Family Guy'. She sure had a talent to make others laugh! I am so glad she has left behind a little piece of her for us to have and see again. Because I do not think anyone could ever have done some of what she did accomplish in her life.

She also has done alot of work as a screen writer for films like Lethal Weapon 3, Sister Act, and more! Who knew! She even did some writing for film her mom was in too called "The Old Broads" from 2001, I can say I have not seen but, I might just have to now.

Well...not sure was also an author Postcards from the Edge" which was later turned into a movie with Marla Streep and Shirley MacLaine. And just last month "The Princess Diarist" came out reliving that she and Ford had an affair on the set of star wars. One can only hope the two did not part with anything hateful going on between them.

Carrie stood out, and made alright to be different. To walk your own beat and not let others define you, but you. She showed several generations of woman it was alright to stand up for yourself and that you are princesses, but you can by tough too. I remember the first time I saw Star Wars, and I love her! She was princess but, she could also fight back and take care of herself.

I hope Carrie knew how many young women love her and love Princess Leia, the character she made. I do not think anyone else could ever fill or be her in that role then, now or ever. I wonder where she might have gotten that from!

Debbie Reynolds know for many wonderful roles From 'Singing in the Rain' to 'Halloweentown Saga'. She was everyone's grandmother in that one, and she reminded alot of my own Grandma's both of them.

Debbie worked in so many area, from music, acting, and raising her family. She ans her daughter were very close, they live right next to each other! She will missed too, I was hoping for one trip to 'Halloweentown' with her again. I have to admit it is not Halloween without it.

Other roles she is well known from include 'Singing in the Rain', 'The Debbie Reynolds Show', 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown' and many more. She was also on Will and Grace.

Her wit, humor and ability to just being light into the room I am sure will be missed. My grandmothers were very much like her in that way. Today feels like another grandmother has left but, at least she leaves us with memories we can still see. You will be missed both you ladies Carrie and Debbie. I want to send good Thoughts and Prayers to Billie, Tony and all her family during this heartbreaking time.

Their true legacy will live on both on film, writings, music and most important of all Family.

I think there true legacy will be in raising there families together. There legacy lives on in there works and family both.

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