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Ever since I was a kid, I've been the biggest Ant-Man fan and defender.

Yes, most video game movie adaptations suck. But with the IPs that Nintendo has, it does have the possibility of being the Marvel Studios of the video game movie world. My vision for this franchise is a combination of two properties in terms of tone: and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I want Nintendo movies to have the feel of Pixar movies in that they will appeal to kids, but with certain content that's oriented to adults, but also boast the style of the , with great action, characters, and of course the whole cinematic universe part.

My ultimate vision in terms of aesthetics is inspired by The Jungle Book, with its incredible CGI and a smattering of humans. I also think the timeline of theatrical releases should be geared toward live-action, Marvel-esque movies in the summer, and the animated, Pixar-style movies in the fall.

2020: The Legend Of Zelda

In order to kick off this universe on the big screen, it must start with a bang. My vision for this movie is the basic storyline that was told in the first game, in which a boy named Link goes on a great adventure in a bid to stop the Big Bad . The tone for this movie would be similar to that of the breathtaking trailer from Breath of the Wild, which gave me goosebumps (check it out below). This movie would have main characters Link and portrayed by real people, but the rest of the creatures could be a mix of puppetry and CGI, similar to the newer Star Wars movie. And yes, I want Pig Gannon.

Great Detective Pikachu

Why not a Pokémon film? Since it was announced that a Detective Pikachu movie was in the works, I had to include this in the ultimate . Pikachu would of course be the main character in the movie, although not all the game mechanics would work on the silver screen.

Pikachu would talk; I see him as a Rocket Raccoon-type character who would mix in with the other characters in a similar vein to the Smash Bros. movie.

2021: Metroid

This film would certainly be the darkest entrant in the Nintendo Cinematic Universe. My dream director would be Denis Villeneuve who made Arrival. He does such a good job at creating strong female characters and would set the perfect tone for the movie, an artistic piece in which Samus is alone on planet Zebes for the duration. Yes, it would be a slow burner, but it would also build the foundation for dramatic action sequences. We’d also see all the great villains come to life, like Ridley, Kraid and Mother Brain. And let's not forget those parasite Metroids, which would make for some touching scenes with Samus.

Super Mario Bros.

I saved this movie for a little later on because of the stink bomb that was the original Mario Bros. movie, released in 1993. If this were to be the first film in the cinematic universe, nobody would want to watch it. However, with several films being released before it, Nintendo would be able to build its trust with the audience.

For this movie I would like to see , Luigi and Princess Peach as the only real-life humans. Yes, I know that was attempted with the original release, but this one would be similar to The Jungle Book whereby all the other characters are CGI. I see the story telling the tale of Brooklyn plumbers Mario and Luigi, who are magically transported to the Mushroom Kingdom and caught up in a war between Bowser and the army of the Mushroom Kingdom.

This movie would certainly be lighter than the original, with humor but also some scary moments thanks to a rather menacing . This movie could also have cameos from Yoshi and Donkey Kong, setting them up for future solo film offerings.

2022: F-Zero

This movie could be like The Fast and the Furious but in space, with human characters and aliens, too. I don’t really care about the story of this film; I just want to see epic races and Captain Falcon get into some thrilling fights. I would also like to see the Falcon Punch introduced, but I don’t think Captain Falcon should use it in this movie — save it for a epic moment in the Smash Bros. offering! And please, cast Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Captain Falcon, that’s all I want!


This one would be the most kid-friendly movie of them all. I don’t have a clear plan in place, but it could certainly adapt the stories from Kirby: Right Back at Ya! — like how crash landed on planet Pop Star, the only one of his kind, who has to fight King Dedede for stealing all the food in the land.

2023: Star Fox

I see this as a very -esque movie, where we would meet the Star Fox squad, who are a mix of and puppets. This would be a fun summer release, full of space battles and that classic cockpit banter that we love from the games. We could also get some dramatic backstory in which Fox is a rookie who’s trying to live up to his father’s name, similar to Captain Kirk’s story arc in the 2009 movie. The villain could be Andros, but this movie would mainly be about the relationship between Fox, Falco, Peppy and Slippy.


I've saved EarthBound for the last solo film because it’s certainly one of the most unknown of all the properties. It’d be similar to how Marvel handled the likes of Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange.

The story of is so big, I’d separate it into two films, whereby the first one would mainly be about Ness and the beginning of his adventure. The story would go as far as Ness, Paula and Jeff defeating Master Belch, who would be the main antagonist of part one, but with teases to Giygas for part two. This movie would benefit from a Stranger Things-type tone, with a similar kind of sound design, but in terms of visuals it’d want to see a lot more color. This movie would also have more live-action characters than most of the other movies on this list, purely because it’s supposed to take place on Earth.

2024: Super Smash Bros.

Now this would be the epic finale of Phase One, with the main villain Master Hand creating a Contest of Champions whereby he pulls the greatest warriors from different dimensions to have them fight it out against each other. We’d see the main characters across the Nintendo Cinematic Universe become enslaved and forced to fight each other, but in between fights we'd see quieter moments with the characters getting to know one another, forming alliances and hatching a plan to ultimately defeat Master Hand. Super Smash Bros. could be a movie, with a kid playing with toys or an the whole time!

So that's my big plan for a Phase One of a Nintendo Cinematic Universe! This’ll probably never happen, but a guy can dream, right? I also have some great ideas for a Phase Two, so let me know in the comments below what you'd like to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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