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Don't we love stumbling upon pop, hip-hop, rock songs or whatever in a movie? Because I sure as hell do. Anyway, they're not just pop culture references meant to be funny. A song is liable more often than not to tip the balance from a scene that sucks to one that rocks. Or the other way around. But enough with the preamble. Let's get into it.

5. The Sound of Silence: The Graduate.

Written by the duo Simon & Garfunkel sometime in 1963, the song was part of their record-deal album which was to be a major flop. Now, down to the nitty- gritty: who doesn't remember the epic scene where Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) barges in to the church where Elaine (Katharine Ross) was in the middle of getting married, running off with her after having to swing a wooden cross at people, so as to keep them at bay.


4. That's the Way (I Like It): Carlito's Way

Most of us remember Al Pacino as Michael Corleone or Tony Montana. But there's a whole lot more to this guy. Incidentally, for the GTA Vice City aficionados out there: you'll have picked up on the fact that Tony's mansion, and the villa in the game, besides other similarities, are pretty much one and the same. But this very bar Carlito's eating in in the video features in the game as well. What's more, the curly-haired guy (David Kleinfeld in the movie, and Ken Rosenberg in the game) are the same guy. So much for the parenthesis.

In a mano- a- mano scene is pretty easy to make a false move when it comes to the background music. Too corny a song , too gangsta or too little gangsta, too over the top or inordinately ironic and you blow it. But this scene is perfect for all intents and purposes, and much of the credit goes to this phenomenal song by KC & The Sunshine Band.

3. Where Is My Mind: Fight Club.

This song by Pixies is without a question a great complement to the dramatic, ambiguous ending of Fight Club.

2.Stuck in the Middle with You: Reservoir Dogs

Getting stuck in the middle with a psychopath looking to cut you piecemeal is definitely the last thing you'd want. Tarantino makes good use of this classic song by Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan which makes for a hilarious and harrowing scene at the same time.

1.The End: Apocalypse Now

And the glorious winner is this masterpiece by The Doors. Francis Ford Coppola couldn't've possibly found a better song to emphasize the horrors of war that lead, if anywhere, up a blind alley, and are bound to bring about a tearful end.

Ps: For those still wondering, the criterion I based the top on is the impact of the song on the quality of the scene.

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