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Welcome to our homepage! We are Eugene and Anna and we make stained glass pictures

Who does not like the Batman? A philanthropist, a superhero and just a good man!

Very atmospheric picture: the dark silhouette of Batman against the background of the crimson sky, the huge silver moon and bats that Bruce Wayne was so afraid of when he was a child.

In his right hand he holds a betarang, the left one is clenched into a fist. He is ready for battle. The resolute face and strong-willed chin are painted with special stained-glass varnish, resistant to sunlight and frost.

The color palette used in the picture is very diverse. About 16 colors were used. Each glass differs in texture, color and transparency. When lighting, amazing color effects are formed: the glass becomes brighter and casts colored glare on the floor and surrounding objects. To make the painting more colorful, the seams were covered with a black patina. To protect the seams from oxidation, they were treated with a special antioxidant.

To date, this is our second most complex picture, after stained glass window Neytiri.

Stained-glass handmade picture on wall Batman. Size: 1.0 x 1.33 m (39 x 52 inches) .653 details. Each detail is cut by hand, grinded on a grinding machine, wrapped with copper foil. Then we connect all parts with tin, by soldering. The picture is inserted into the profile. Under each picture we make a steel or carbon frame.

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In one of our previous publications, we already posted an article about stained glass picture Batman. But this option was made with patching the black patina. So the picture looks more atmospheric and interesting.

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