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I'm addicted to watching and owning movies. I even love to talk about movies when I'm not watching them. I write movies and I make movies.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a huge Jim Carrey fan. Sure his career has had its ups and downs, but almost every celebrity has had it happen at some point, and some come out on top right after (I'm lookin' at you Robert Downey Jr.). Jim Carrey truly is an amazing actor, extremely funny, entertaining, and genuinely a wonderful human being.

I decided to make a trivia post that can be considered a non-lyrical "ode", of sorts, to Jim Carrey. Some things one might already know, if not, then you are able to learn something new about this great person.














Did anything surprise you? How much did you know already?

I leave you now with some video clips based on different aspects of Jim Carrey. They may enlighten you a bit more on how fantastic this guy really is and how he looks at life. Someday, I hope to meet him and tell him personally how he's made my life better, as well as many of you, I'm sure.





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