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just finished up their event, and boy was it a doozy. From a company that has been known for its innovation, the Switch seems poised to deliver some fantastic new technology that will excite fans and engage gamers.

Keeping Up With Nintendo

With a scheduled release date of March 3, 2017, in Japan, the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, and select European countries, and a pricetag in the US of $299.99, enthusiasts only have a few more weeks until they are able to enjoy the following fresh takes on gaming:

  • Three ways to play: on the television, on the table (like a tablet), and as a handheld console
  • HD motion controls, using controllers that are sensitive enough to convey how a cube of ice feels clinking around in a glass
  • No more region-locking for games
  • Local multiplayer with up to 8 systems, meaning that 16 people could potentially play all at once
  • Ability to use smart devices to chat with friends, invite them to a game, and play with them

The Switch will also have online multiplayer, but Nintendo seems to be following in the footsteps of their friends at Sony and Microsoft by requiring a paid subscription. However, Nintendo will be allowing players to try it for free until the fall of 2017.

Spreading Joy with Friends

Imagine playing a video game without a screen. Seem impossible? Well, the Switch will allow players to play a video game together without having to stare at a screen. Where do you look? At the person playing with you.

That's right, fellow enthusiasts. The Switch is giving you a way to play make-believe with your friends again. You can actually play with them, side-by-side, looking them in the eyes as you play together. And with the possibility of syncing up to 16 players, who knows what Nintendo can offer in regards to massive multiplayer real-life gameplay (MMRL?)


Need more joy in your life? Not only will the Joy-con controllers come in different colors and have wrist safety straps available for purchase, Nintendo is also offering the Nintendo Switch Pro controller for $69.99 and extra Joy-con controllers for $49.99 each or $79.99 for a set.

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The fun hasn't stopped yet. Tomorrow, Nintendo has promised more information on some of the great games previewed this evening, including Super Mario: Odessey, Splatoon 2, and Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild (which, by the way, already has a Master Edition announced), tomorrow, so we'll get a chance to get a closer look at the most important part of the Switch: the games.

Which innovation are you most excited for?

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