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What if the DCEU had a different cast? This is what my casting would be for the Justice League.

Batman- Tom Cruise

Who better to play the Caped Crusader than the one an only Tom Cruise? He can play Bruce Wayne and also Batman. The only problem is his height but that can be fixed with camera angles.

Superman- Matt Bomer

He has the look and the voice. He has the personality. I'm done.

Wonder Woman- Jaimie Alexander

She looks just like wonder woman and can play a warrior type role.

Aquaman- Chris Hemsworth

I know he's Thor but seriously he looks just like him and his performance as Thor also adds.

Green Lantern- Bradley Cooper

He has the look and is an amazing actor.

The Flash- Chris Pine

Same reasons as GL.

Martian Manhunter- Benedict Cumberbatch

He looks like Martian Manhunter and also MM's alter ego is a detective called John Jones. Cumberbatch plays Sherlock and is amazing as him.

Green Arrow- Ewan McGregor

The goatee is strong with this one. I'm sorry but the pun was necessary.

Black Canary- Yvonne Strahovski

She is a fan favourite and looks the part.


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