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Part 1 Movie It begins when Me My Cousin Dylan And My Uncle Lee Go to A Volcano Resort and we play in a Volcano then after they are gone I get Burnt And a Evil Princess Queen casts a Spell on me and I become a Demonic Creature who is The King of Scary People named Scary Bailey Creature And My Creature then eats My Uncle Lee and Dylan as they Laugh while having their Camp Fire Rated -R 1 hour and 10 Minutes Part 2 Vs Versus Movie as Scary Bailey Creature Fights Monster Lee Monster Lee wins as The New Creature Hero aka The Monster King of Scary People Monster Lee time 1 hour and 5 Minutes Rated-R And Part 3 Movie Scary Bailey Creature comes back to Life and Teams up with Monster Lee to defeat Mortal Creature Enimies Inculding Scary Bailey Creature bad version from Scary Bailey Transformation Movie Time 2 Hours and 17 Minutes Rated-R With me and Bailey Monroe My Girlfriend

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