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Do you like movie trailers? Do you like Kung-Fu films from the seventies and eighties? If your answer to either question is “Yes”, you might enjoy Fists of Fury, the latest trailer compilation video directed and produced by Charles Band for his own Full Moon Features production company.

Now, let’s be clear here, right up front: A compilation of trailers for a bunch of thirty-to-forty year-old kung-fu flicks is all that Fists of Fury is. Yes, it is hosted by eighties action legend Cynthia Rothrock (star of one or two of the movies featured within Fists of Fury) and, yes, said trailers have been loosely grouped into categories such as “Femmes Fatales”, “Bruceploitation” (those movies which featured a Bruce Lee-type leading man in an attempt to cash in on the success of the legendary Hong Kong superstar) and “Weapon Deception” but, beyond Ms. Rothrock’s introductions to each category of trailers – all of which involve Ms. Rothrock in full “Miss Piggy” attack mode dispatching a motley assortment of random unfortunates in light, humorous fashion – there is no dissection or discussion of the movies themselves, no reminiscences from the casts or crewmembers, no experts in the field of kung-fu cinema appearing as “talking heads” to offer any further commentary or insight, nothing. Just the trailers, each preceded by a plate stating the name of the film featured in the trailer, the year of the film’s release, the stars of the film and a brief synopsis.

That being said, a trailer compilation movie like this can be a lot of fun; I certainly enjoyed Fists of Fury immensely. Whether it retains much replay value beyond serving as a handy reference tool for the clutch of chop-socky flicks I now wish to chase down as a result of watching it remains to be seen (I’ve seen a few trailer compilation vids now, enjoyed them all, and eventually tired of them all), but films such as Fists of Fury are often a fantastic way to see the best genre cinema has to offer in a short space of time. Let’s be honest: A lot of genre movies can be a bit of a ball-ache to sit through – as a fan of Blaxploitation Cinema, Grindhouse Horror and Spaghetti Westerns I’ve seen more than my share of duds – and, often, the best bits are all in the trailers anyway!

With so many trailers featured, even keen devotees of kung-fu cinema will likely discover at least something within Fists of Fury; for those of us who are less knowledgeable but who maybe hold an enthusiastic curiosity for the genre, Fists of Fury has a lot to offer, and comes recommended.

Fists of Fury is released on DVD 20th Jan 2017. Pre-order it now HERE.

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