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November 28th. Just a few days until the biggest congregation of superheroes ever put to live action comes to fruition. The concept alone is enough to get most of us riled up with profuse excitement that we just can't contain. As the time draws near, another catalyst for your excitement has been revealed, and not all of us have noticed it. In the spectacular posters that were recently released, there is an underlying spectacle that overshadows all of them. Take a look:

That building in the background looks a lot like another building from the comic books.

The Hall Of Justice!

In the comic books, the Hall of Justice was the public base of operations for the (their actual base was an orbiting satellite in space). What does this imply? Could it possibly mean that the will be adapting their own unique take on the Justice League? After all, the Justice League in the comic books did unite to work as a single unit after an alien invasion.

Does the idea of , , and the taking the mantle of the Justice League pander to you? Or, are you annoyed at just the idea of a confluence between and Green Arrow? Let me know in the comments!

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