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Last year saw the release of more than a few controversial films, one of which, was the 's third installment; Suicide Squad. Despite the movie garnering a profuse amount of money at the box office (just five million dollars shy of a grand $750 million), the film was assailed by critics and fans alike for its poorly written script and its deeply flawed concept. have made three films, and all three have been controversial, to say the least. But we are not alone in our lamenting at the abuse of our favorite characters, the filmmakers behind these flicks have been afflicted as well. Recently, David Ayer took to Twitter to transcribes his regrets and disappointment about his movie.

I'd make the Joker the main villain and engineer a more grounded story.

Ayer's post does seem genuine, and he does want what's best for these characters. The article goes to show that although we can get all riled up and angry if something we adore is not portrayed 'correctly', these are still human beings and they do not deserve to be afflicted by your wrath. While the postulation of the being ascribed as the prime antagonist seems exhilarating, none of us have a time machine lurking around for Ayer to rectify his mistakes. But from the sound of it, Ayer will take a more meticulous approach to his future creations, and deliver us some fantastic movies. Hopefully.

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