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... What would he think of it now, compared to when he was a kid?

Peter quill GIF's galore.
Peter quill GIF's galore.

"I was only a kid when I left earth" - Peter Jason Quill

Much as he was only around 8 or 9 when he left earth (in the movie), I think a good question to ask oneself is

What would Star-Lord think of earth now? Good? Bad? Bit of both?

Here's a list of what I'd think he wouldn't like, mainly, with some stuff he most likely would...

* Heads up: This is entirely based on the character from the movie, combined with some of my own opinions (A pretty good balance if I say so myself).*

Stuff he wouldn't like, like...

- The Music. I find that he would not like the music very much. Based on his Awesome Mix Vol. 1, he enjoys 60's, 70's and 80's pop and rock (The Runaways are amazing). Pop and rock music has changed drastically since when he was a kid to the modern day; Pop music tends to have far more electronic elements, is more computer based, as does not really relate to anything, much as it can be an enjoyable listen. I don't think he'd be too bothered by rock music though, really, as rock hasn't really changed very much (though it has been "repressed" more in favour of electronic stuff. I'm going to stop here on music, I could just go on criticizing). As a fun-loving guy though, he might actually enjoy some modern pop.

- The People. No offense intended, but to be honest, a lot of people in the present world climate seem very... unhappy (or "malheureux", as the french would say). 'Nuff said on that. I think it's pretty obvious. Apologies. I just find that people today are far more anti-social, and don't enjoy talking to strangers. Of course, he was "only a kid when he left earth", so he wouldn't naturally have been incredibly adept to talking to strangers, but still, I think that point is valid.

- The Politics. Even though he was "only a kid when he left earth" (I love using that), I believe that Quill, depending on the amount of time he actually comes back to earth for, would not appreciate the amount of politics that goes on. There were a lot of big political things going on in the 60's, 70's and 80's as well, I realize that, but as he was "only a kid when he left earth" (BAM, again!), he would not really have been very aware of it. Also, as he has been living as an inter-galactic outlaw for the most part of his life, scratch that, pretty much his whole life, I doubt he would like it very much, as he clearly does not like being told what to do, which I also believe is why he is the leader of the Guardians; he has never been told what to do, he's always done his own thing whilst working for Yondu, from what we see in the movie. Gamora has basically always done what either Ronan or Thanos have asked her to. Rocket and Groot have also always done their own thing, but they seem to lack the conviction to lead, as they have always followed each other, from what it looks like.

I could go on, but that could take a while.

And, Lastly (quickly)...

- The Avengers. I think that, to begin with, Quill would not like the Avengers. I think he'd view them as a "police force" of sorts. however, in time, they would come to get along, as they are all, after all, kindof, outcasts, are they not?

Now, the things he would like, like...

- I'm sure he'd appreciate being home again, obviously. I'd actually love a scene, where the Guardians land in a big city (such as New York), and Quill completely freaks over every single tiny little thing. Like toys (Star Wars memorabilia), and things like that. From his childhood. Clearly. But, as well as all this, freaking out slightly, as he's a tiny bit TERRIFIED of pretty much a lot of things. Yeah.

As for the other Guardians (Everyone gets some credit, Quill got most of it because this article is about him), they could just start causing a bit of chaos, especially Rocket and Groot (Gamora would never), and Drax would stand there, shouting and getting pee'd off by... pretty much everything. And taking everything he sees quite literally (advertisements - he'd be a sucker for them). And then the then-Avengers team comes and stops them and stuff and... wow this just gets me exited. Gamora would, of course, be the one to attempt negotiation with the Avengers, only to have Quill intervene and just buddy up with Tony Stark/Whichever other Future Avenger is a "Tony Stark Replacement".


Wouldn't that just be a bit awesome?

Well, to conlcude, I think all that to be mildly accurate, but I'm just modest, really. If you have any other ideas, please post them below!

... and finally, which Avenger (based on the Age Of Ultron Avenger lineup) do you think that each would get along most with?


Who would Gamora get along with best?


Who would Drax get along with best?

To be honest I can really Drax getting along with Thor - they both take a lot of things literally and kindof talk in the same way as well... and they can't really kill each other.


Rocket and Groot?

*I have put Rocket and Groot together, as I feel that they come as a pair, and would not be likely to form different friendships, based on the first GOTG movie. However, I feel that there is room for individual character development, so they could split. You can add who you feel each would get along with best below!*

And Finally...


Peter Jason Quill/Star-Lord?

To finish, should the Guardians come to Earth in either Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 or for either of the Infinity War movies? What do you think? Would they outshine the future Avengers, would it make it too busy a movie? Comment below!

Cheers for reading.

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