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Alright so Spider-Man: Homecoming has officially wrapped up filming and news of a sequel is already floating around. That said, one aspect of Spider-Man's future plans in the MCU I want to tackle is Gwen Stacy.

So far we've heard very little news about what kind of role that Gwen Stacy will get in the MCU. At this point, it would even be alright to speculate that she may not have a role at all. I mean there really has been no confirmed casting for Gwen so she is a complete toss-up as of right now. Can Marvel really leave Gwen out of the MCU now that Spider-Man is around? The answer is a big NO!! She is way too important of a character to just leave out. So I complied a list of reasons as to why Gwen must be in the MCU...

Emotional Toll

Marvel Comics Image
Marvel Comics Image

It's no secret that when fans of Spider-Man hear the name Gwen Stacy they instantly think back to The Amazing Spider-Man #121 where Spider-Man fails to save her and actually ends up snapping her neck accidentally. This event unfortunate was her demise but also her big claim to fame as a character. That said, the event was crucial to Spider-Man's life from that moment up until present day. In fact, the event is being revisited with a twist in Dan Slott's The Amazing Spider-Man: Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy. The title is actually the newest Marvel comic event and you can read about it's recently released first issue here. Although the incident has already been displayed before onscreen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Despite being a repetitive move on Marvel's part it would still serve well in the MCU with an actual solid storyline. Personally, I think it should be done just for the fact that it did have such an impact on Spider-Man from there on out and would be a more grittier scene for the labeled 'kid friendly' MCU.


Marvel Comics Image
Marvel Comics Image

Probably one of the most popular female characters as of late is Spider-Gwen. Her popularity was increased during her appearance in another title of Slott's called The Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Verse. In this version of Gwen Stacy she is the one saving the lives of innocent people instead of being one of them. Not to mention that her look has become a very popular cosplaying outfit. That said, it would be an interesting addition to the MCU but not an unlikely one especially since actress Dove Cameron is voicing Spider-Gwen in Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.

So maybe that's sign of her onscreen appearance coming soon right? If not, it sure seems like it.

We Have Seen Life Without The Other

My biggest reason that I think the MCU should have Gwen in it is that we have seen both these girls separately. By this I mean we had the Sam Raimi trilogy with just Mary Jane (Kristen Dunst) at the girlfriend helm (forget the sad Bryce Dallas Howard version of Gwen Stacy), and we have seen the Marc Webb films that had Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) at the girlfriend helm (forget the cut out appearance of Shailene Woodley as Mary Jan). For once it would nice to see both onscreen and actually having a relationship with each that lasts more than just a few minutes of screen time. Just to see the dynamics the two have with each other in the comics is fun to read. It's especially interesting in the Ultimate comics to see how they work with each other in order to grieve Peter's passing.

So if none of the above options play out, I really hope Gwen makes the MCU to allow the last scenario to happen.

What do you think? Should Gwen Stacy be in the MCU? Let me know in the comments down below!

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