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In recent DCEU news, there has been rumor going around about a possibly location appearance of Arkham Asylum in Justice League. The talk all started when I casting update was made on the film's IMDB page. The new cast list included roles such as "Lex Luthor's Guard", "Arkham Guard", and "Arkham Guard 2". Now while this news may seem small, it may actually be quite an important piece of the film. Let's take a look at what we know:

Arkham Asylum In 'Suicide Squad'

As many probably remember, we have in fact seen Arkham Asylum already in Suicide Squad. That said, the scene in which the location appeared in Suicide Squad mostly focused around The Joker's prison break and didn't show much of the location itself. The prison break does prove to be important though because we can assume that many (if not all) the occupants of Arkham escaped. Although, this bit of information is actually worthless because the prison break happened log before the events of Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. I mean Jason Todd wasn't dead at this point obviously because Harley Quinn assisted in his death (which we learned through Suicide Squad). At the time of the prison break Harley was not even Harley yet. In short, we can shoot down any theories that state that Lex Luthor potentially escapes during The Joker's prison break. The chronological placement of this prison break does however open a new bit of information.

Batman Villain Cameos

'Gotham City Sirens' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Gotham City Sirens' [Credit: DC Comics]

Alright so the prison break happened towards the earlier side of Batman's career, which means he's had plenty of time to wrangle many of them back in (perhaps some new ones). So let me lay out a potential situation real quick:

Let's say that at some point in Justice League, we cut to a scene where we see Lex Luthor being walked down a hallway by guards inside of Arkham. While walking down this hallway we get slight glimpses at a few Batman villains. In this case, the most obvious Batman villains that Warner Bros. should cameo in this hypothetical scene would Poison Ivy and Catwoman (or at least one of them). This would make for a great way to reveal which actresses were chosen to play the two villainous roles as compared to a press release. Plus, it would help Warner Bros. build up a little more hype for its Gotham City Sirens project that is being projected for potential 2018 release date. In a way, this scene would be a great tribute to Batman: The Animated Series. For those who remember, at the end of an episode titled "Fire from Olympus" we see a defeated Zeus being wheeled to his cell inside of Arkham. While he is being wheeled down the hallway, he is greeting his new prison mates. Amongst the villains we see him greet was none other than Poison Ivy. How cool would it be to see Lex Luthor in a scene such as that one in Justice League? It's the perferct win-win for both the fans and the filmmakers. By the way, if you did remember that episode that means you had an epic childhood!

Lex Luthor Interrogation

In Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, we have saw Batman attempt to some what interrogate/intimidate Lex Luthor. The news of Arkham's potential appearance also opens up the possibility that we will see something similar happen again in Justice League. This time, Batman will more than likely bring his crew with him. Here's what I'm thinking:

Batman and his new found super friends will be forced no choice but to consult Lex Luthor for information. This will occur after (if the rumors are true) Superman rises again, but this time he's not as friendly due to being controlled by Darkseid. With little to no knowledge of what all Darkseid is planning, the gang decides that Luthor must be questioned. I mean he was allegedly shown some crazy stuff by Darkseid's faithful follower Steppenwolf. So who better to ask, right? The gang walks into Arkham and down the hallways to Luthor's cell. Again, it would be easy for a cameo to be made here by Poison Ivy or Catwoman amongst other Batman villains. From there, the group manages to squeeze more quality information out of Luthor before leaving him in his cell. The idea is a bit of a stretch, but I could see Luthor playing the villain from the standpoint of simply withholding valuable information of Darkseid's attack from the Justice League.

Final Thoughts

I believe that Arkham's appearance in Justice League would make for a great cameo opportunity for other Batman villains. Also, it would its involvement could benefit Lex Luthor's character quite well. Just imagine Luthor sitting in his cell playing mind games with the Justice League like a man who can predict the future. That said, it might be hard to include cameos from either Poison Ivy or Catwoman this late in the game considering that Gotham City Sirens was announced not that long ago. Unless, Warner Bros. already planned Gotham City Sirens amongst themselves a while back and have kept the casting choices to themselves? I guess we will just have to wait and see!

What do you think? Will Arkham Asylum appear in Justice League and cameo some major Batman villains? Let me know in the comments down below!

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