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It's been two years since ended its savage journey, leaving fans eager for more. SOA ended seven years of glorious crime with a finale filled with Shakespearean level tragedy. There have been multiple rumors leading fans to believe that there could be a First Nine spinoff, a Mayan MC spinoff, a Sons of Anarchy movie, and even a spinoff based off of Jax Teller's sons as adults. Fortunately for fans, one rumor was true!

Kurt Sutter has heard our pleas, and is giving us the spinoff we have been desperately seeking. JD Pardo (Revolution) has been cast as the lead in the highly anticipated Pilot, Mayans MC. We can only hope that EZ Reyes will live up to his counterpart, the misguided, vengeful Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam). Pardo joins Edward James Olmos (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Clayton Cardenas (American Crime), John Ortiz (American Gangster), Richard Cabral (American Crime), Antonio Jaramillo (Shades Of Blue), and Sarah Bolger (Into the Badlands). Mayans MC will follow the events of Sons Of Anarchy in a post Jax Teller world, and center around Pardo's character Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes, a prospect in the Mayan MC charter. Fans are already familiar with the Mayans Oakland Chapter, that played a crucial role in as a prior rival motorcycle club of SAMCRO. Shifting from Northern California, to the California/ Mexico border, is set to have a different tone than Sons.

Created and directed by Sutter, the script was co-written between Sutter and Elgin James, who also serves as co-executive producer. Sutter addressed that he is not qualified to write this story on his own, given that he lacks a Latino background:

Elgin James
Elgin James

Get to know the "Mayans MC" crew:

JD Pardo as Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes- Described by Sutter as:

Gifted son of a proud Latino family, whose American dream was snuffed out by cartel violence. Now, his need for vengeance drives him toward a life he never intended and can never escape

Edward James Olmos as Felipe Reyes- Described by Sutter as:

The family's formerly strong patriarch who, after years of being crushed by bullets and labor, struggles to keep his past buried and lead his sons down a lawful and righteous path.

Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes- Described by Sutter as:

EZ's brother. He's a full patch member of the Mayans MC, Santo Padre. He lives with the burden of being the "lesser son" in a proud Mexican family who loves few and trusts even fewer.

John Ortiz as Esai "Taino" Osorio- Described by Sutter as:

President of Mayans MC, Santo Padre Charter. A Mexi-Rican, he was born in the Bronx, then sent to Oakland to live with his cousin, Marcus Alvarez, founder and National President of Mayans MC. Like his cousin, he is as smart as he is deadly

Antonio Jaramillo as Michael “Riz” Ariza- Described by Sutter as:

Vice President of the Mayans MC Santo Padre and former leader of a local Mexican MC that was patched over by the Mayans. He uses his even-tempered charm to mask his mistrust and lingering resentment.

Richard Cabral as Johnny “El Coco” Cruz- Described by Sutter as:

A full patch member of Mayans MC, Santo Padre. Former Army sharpshooter and weapons specialist, Johnny earned a section 8 for shooting a cigar out of his CO’s mouth from a half-mile away… while he was stoned.

Sarah Bolger as Emily- Described by Sutter as:

The beautiful “guera” next door and childhood sweetheart of EZ. But when Romeo departed, this Juliet didn’t unsheathe the dagger; she traded it in for diamond studs and a mansion on the hill.

Pardo, Olmes,Cabral, Cardenas, Ortiz, Jaramillo, and Bolger
Pardo, Olmes,Cabral, Cardenas, Ortiz, Jaramillo, and Bolger

Kurt Sutter has an eye for talent, and will quickly shut down unworthy attempts to join his violent drama. Spanish soap-star Aaron Diaz (Telemundo) publically asked for his shot as a Mayan, with Sutter offering his brutal feedback:

UPDATE: JD Pardo shared the first glimpse of the Mayans MC cast together in a photo on his Instagram page on March 6th.

Mayans MC will begin shooting in March; Let's hope that it delivers the same mayhem fans are accustomed to.

Check back in for additional news on "Mayans MC"!

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