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The Odyssey is one of my favorite stories that I had the pleasure to read. It focuses on the brilliant and strong Greek Warrior Odysseus, as he chronicles his long and difficult voyage home after his victory in Trojan-Greek War as depicted in the other Homer classic The Iliad. This story created one of the few types of story genres in literature known as an Odyssey, chronicling a long and varied set of adventures of a character hoping to reach their ultimate goal. The point of me telling you this is the title of the latest Mario adventure should easily help describe the scale of how big the next Mario title will be.

For those who don't know I am a huge Mario fan. I adore virtually everything Mario has ever been in, and his games are what I hold as a standard for video gaming. When watching the Switch Presentation, this announcement more than anything took my breath away. From the looks of it, it looks like I'm not the only one. During the time before the Switch's release in March 2017, I will be speaking about other topics brought on from the Presentation, but I just had to start here. I love Mario, I love what they're doing here, and I can't wait to see more.

Before we really start I do want to bring up a couple of small nitpicks I have. One is I wish the game was a launch title. Having Mario and Zelda together, would've been an explosive launch for the Switch. In the end of the day though, of course Nintendo shouldn't make a decision like that until the game is ready, and having it available during Holiday 2017 is a good idea for console sales given the strange release for the console. The other small nitpick I have is I found that they did not show enough worlds in the trailer, and because of that, the variety in worlds seems jarring. While it is good they shown these drastically different environments to see how grand Mario's travels will be, not seeing any worlds that have an "in-between" art style from a dessert land to a NYC environment makes the game appear non-cohesive. In the end of the day though I don't know what the game will be like and that really isn't a problem to address in a trailer.

Wow Mario is so expressive in this game! Not only does Mario and the environments look incredible, they are really showing the power of The Switch here. Mario looks to be in a huge new continent, filled with mystery and many things for Mario to react to. This is the game Nintendo made clear will emulate feelings of exploration and creative platforming found in Mario 64. It really looks to be what Breath of the Wild is doing to replicate the feeling of Zelda 1 for the NES, where they wanted to recreate the feeling of unknown, far and wide travels first time players had with Zelda 1. Mario 64 is one of my favorite games and one of the first games I ever played. So to see Nintendo wanting to bring the energy from the first 3D adventure platformer and bringing it to a modern platform is a fantastic idea many are enthusiastic about.

Here, Nintendo seems to want to fulfill a few desires Mario fans were asking for in a 3D Mario game. Like I said, they shown a lot of expression from Mario, which is definitely something many wanted from Mario, more personality. While I always defend the choices they made with Mario's expression in his games, even I wanted to see Mario react to the situations he was presented in, and he would only do that in the little cutscenes Mario offered. We even see Bowser and Peach in a sort of wedding ensemble, throughout what we seen, this suggests that we may see a developing story here throughout the game that 3d World/Land attempted to do with the letters between worlds that called back to Mario World. The New attitude towards old Mario themes even go down to seeing some bosses who aren't the Koopalings. My favorite adventures with Mario have always been where Mario leaves the Mushroom Kingdom to explore new terrain. Everything here down to the name shows this desire to create a modern Mario game that hardcore, long time Mario fans will love.

The best new element that will greatly expand the Mario 64 platform style is the new hat moves. Mario's famous move set always gets some sort of twist in each 3D Mario after 64 (FLUDD in Sunshine, the Spin in Galaxy, etc.), Odyssey is no exception with Mario's upgraded hat. This is where my Mario fever erupted. I loved seeing Mario have, not only a projectile attack, but a platform at Mario's disposal. One of the best qualities of 3D Mario is how creative you can be with how you can get Mario from point A to point B. This cap will take that to whole new levels, and it greatly compliments the large landscapes Mario will be traveling in. Everything here feels like a true 3D Mario title after galaxy. Of course 3D World was fantastic, but it was a different take for 3D Mario. This game is what takes Mario to the next step. A while ago, I among many gaming journalist/bloggers/reviewers all called this as a next logical step as an expansion from the Galaxy titles. While in my thoughts, I did feel they would go full open world to compliment Breath of the Wild, but this feels so much better based on what I seen and it keeps it focused as a true Mario game.

I'm looking forward to seeing developments on this game. Like all other Mario games I played, I will be playing this to death. Before this I was curious to see where Mario would go after outer space. An Odyssey is simply the best answer to that question. I feel that this Mario may be the Mario that could take the famous character to a new standard.

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