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So there are many criticisms and praises on the Nintendo Switch's launch, and here is what I think. Personally I am excited for the Switch and so are many of the people I came across. However, what many critics are rightfully thinking is about more than just fans of Nintendo and/or Wii U owners. There are many of people to consider that Nintendo has to capture mid-launch. With the expenses people will have to see coming in, it would've been impossible to sell this console with out it having its portable element. People are continuously saying that the home console is dying in popularity. I personally disagree, but I can't deny that there is this tug towards streaming devices and mobile/portable gaming. A lot of people are saying Nintendo needs to push the portability more than they did from the presentation. While I do agree with that, I think it's more important that Nintendo answer questions and not just say that they hear them. This is a bad habit Nintendo always has with their consumers. We have questions on the eshop, the hardware spec details, the details on the online subscription, the concern with expensive accessories, I can go on and on. I always understood Nintendo's reasonings for staying quiet on certain things, but the only thing they really changed on here compared to last generation is their region locking stance. It's not enough to try to reach a non-Nintendo market. I will say though, they are seemingly doing a good job with Nintendo fans that skipped the Wii U. I think a lot of their energy seems to be picking those people up.

What I can say I disagree with some critics is what they are calling a weak launch, I personally disagree, but only under my viewpoint of the launch. That viewpoint is the idea that a March release date is a bizarre release date made to assure the Switch can have Breath of the Wild on the Switch, while also guaranteeing some people will buy the Wii U version of the game. With this in mind what I see here is Nintendo having a whole year to get ready for the holiday season of 2017. Not only that, but Zelda/Nintendo fans have a few months worth of time ahead of the many people who plan on purchasing the Switch this holiday season. That is why I feel Nintendo deliberately gave the next Mario title an end of year release window, rather than a typical launch release. I have spoken to many people who are also buying the console at launch that we are glad we get to dedicate more time to a huge open world title, than having many other triple A titles bombarding us in between. Not only that, but other established games like Splatoon 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that will let more core Nintendo fans enjoy a nice head start before (what I like to call) the real Switch Launch will begin by the end of this year. People have shown a lot of concern about how Nintendo is going to handle this year and the sales at launch, but I personally don't think Nintendo is worried about that. I think Nintendo is already gearing towards making a 2017 Campaign for this console to be sold to new fans and old fans alike by the end of the year. If you think about it, it will be up to the core Nintendo fans to play the Switch and bring it over to their friends house to show what the Switch is. This is the crucial fact Nintendo should be vocal about. They should tell fans to bring the Switch to the park, bring it to a Playstation/Xbox household, bring it to a plane, bring it to a party, show the people who didn't care for Wii U that this is new and exciting.

The Nintendo Switch will be a console I will put a lot of time into, but that's just me and fans like me. There are people who would like to play it casually, but the costs may look intimidating to fans. Nintendo tried very hard to justify these prices, and call me a fanboy all you like, they are good justifications. The tech going into the Switch like the HD rumble I am personally excited to try are reason enough to see their price points. Competitors also had very expensive products that either stayed the same price or was later marked down in price over time. At the same time though, Nintendo needs to stop being secretive, and stop just telling fans that they hear them and really prove it. I'm confident they will eventually like Sony did with the PS4, but Nintendo needs to be quicker with satisfying Nintendo fans and the gaming community as a whole. Unfortunately the fact of the matter is, Nintendo doesn't get away with as much as their competitors do, they are criticized much more from non-fans and even their own fans. Nintendo fans should be blindly excited sometimes, it's something fans of other platforms get to do. Yes this is partially because Nintendo takes different paths, but we are the fans and we should be allowed to like what Nintendo offers without getting everything nit-picked for us. It just ends up a self fulfilling prophesy for a lack of success. If you ask me what Nintendo really needs to do here is explain in excruciating detail, every question we have through out February, and reward the fans that stuck with them with the Wii U and ask them to show the world the Switch and show them why they should be excited to see it under their tree by the end of 2017. Enjoy a winter of Zelda, a spring of new titles like Arms, a summer of Splatoon, and a holiday of Mario. Then what will come next we can not only be optimistic about, but also be satisfied with.

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