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Since trophies were introduced to PlayStation in 2009, gamers worldwide have had the opportunity to showcase their skills through their online trophy cabinet. With all games now requiring trophy compatibility, there are thousands to collect. While some people merely ignore these accolades, others (like myself) love the challenge of trying to obtain the hardest one of all: the platinum trophy. This often means completing strange and often hilarious lower value tasks in order to complete everything in a game to be awarded that sweet, sweet platinum. Below are the nine weirdest trophies I have completed in my quest for platinums.

9. Dishonored. Harm's Way - You caused 5 unintentional suicides

The first on the list is rather morbid. You are not only tasked with killing five random characters, you also have to make it look like a suicide. There are a few ways to complete this challenge, such as using the freeze time power to force people to shoot themselves. I used Corvo’s Possession power on my five NPCs and walked them into the Wall of Light during Lady Boyle's Last Party. All you need to do is time it just right so that you un-possess the unwitting party guests right in time to watch them stumble forward and kill themselves in the electrical beams.

8. Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz. Paper Faced - Complete a classic 4-player game using Paper Face on all contestants and the host

While playing Buzz, you have the option of attaching an EyeToy camera. Once set up, the camera captures game moments and takes photos of participants. There is something a little distributing about this trophy, however. It requires you and three of your friends to take a selfie and replace the in-game cartoon faces with the photos you have just taken. The results range from hilarious, to terrifying.

7. You Don't Know Jack. Consolation Trophy - Play 5 hours without getting a single trophy

The embarrassing thing about this trophy is that I didn't even try to earn it — it just happened! Unlike other trophies, this one rewards you for doing nothing. That’s right, absolutely nothing. Just don’t be good at the game, and eventually it will feel sorry for you and give you a trophy as a consolation prize.

6. The Saboteur. Casanova - You kissed 50 women

The Saboteur sees Irishman Sean Devlin running around the streets of Paris sabotaging Nazi military zones in order to restore power back to the people. While doing this, Sean can get caught and alarms are sounded. One way to hide from the Nazis is to approach a random woman on the street, grab her, and give her a smooch. Not only do you have to force yourself on a random French woman once, you have to do this 50 TIMES in order to achieve this trophy. I'm surprised there wasn't a mono break out.

5. South Park: The Stick of Truth. Truth to Power - You farted on four major authority figures.

While playing South Park: The Stick of Truth you soon realize that this game is not taking itself too seriously. It’s a must play game for all South Park fans and thoroughly enjoyable. The fighting system is designed to emulate the ways in which children play-fight, which means there are a lot of weird and wonderful powers. One such power is the “cup a fart.” Your character simply farts into his hand and throws it into people's faces. This trophy requires you to do this to four very important people: The Mayor, Father Maxi, Principal Victoria and the Prime Minister of Canada.

4. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Streaker - You spoke to someone while not wearing clothes.

One of the easiest trophies to get on this list is the Streaker trophy. All you need to do is unequip everything from your character, leaving them shivering in their skivvies. The indignity doesn't end there, as the next step then requires you to walk over, almost stark naked, to an NPC and have a nice chat with them.

3. Kings Quest. Purple Badger Don't Care - A Dyed Badger ate Bees.

This trophy is easily missable and very strange. Without giving too much away, there is an annoying beehive in the game that you need to get rid of. The solution, naturally, is to sic a badger onto it. Before doing this, you are able to give the badger a sassy makeover. This trophy requires you to dip the badger in a suspicious cauldron, dying its fur purple, before setting it on the hive. Honey badgers don’t give a fuck.

2. Saints Row: The Third. Stay Classy Steelport - Kill 25 Gang Members each with 'the Penetrator' AND the Fart in a Jar.

The Saints Row series is known for its great sense of humor and quirky weapons. In this lighthearted game, it’s not hard to imagine the types of trophies you may encounter. The weirdest for me, however, was this combat-related trophy. The Penetrator is not your normal weapon. In fact, it isn't really a weapon at all, it’s a giant purple dildo! This trophy requires you to bludgeon 25 people to death with a massive sex toy. Yikes!

Once you have completed the aforementioned task, you then must make 25 people vomit with another “weapon”: your farts in a jar. You may wonder how a simple fart can debilitate an enemy, leaving them retching and gagging, but I don’t. Just ask my friend Blair about my amazing puke-inducing car farts.

1. Red Dead Redemption. Dastardly - Place a hogtied woman on the train tracks, and witness her death by train.

Yet again, another trophy requiring you to do horrible things to innocent NPCs. Whoever comes up with some of these trophies is a masochist, to say the least. The detail of this one though really makes you question the mindset of the Red Dead developers. It requires you to approach a random female NPC — the ladies are getting a tough time again! You then need to lasso her, hogtie her, chuck her on your horse and take her to the tracks to watch her get smushed by a train. Completely unrelated to the storyline, but fun nonetheless.

What are some of the memorable trophies you have earned? The weirder the better!