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Being an Oscar winner isn’t the most important thing in the world. That’s a lie. If you’re in the movie business, it very well could be. Its prestige is priceless. Having one can define a career while igniting another. Countless performers are shockingly snubbed, never getting the attention they deserve. Maybe even worse are those who get nominated on several separate occasions, but leave empty-handed every damn time.

There are quite a few folks whose shelf is Oscar-less, leaving only rage in my heart. I’m speaking out for all of them right now. The Academy Awards are missing out on these tremendous acting talents. Enough is enough, and it’s time for a change!


One of the most underrated versatile actors to ever live, Keaton approaches each character with a brand new bag of tricks. How else can you explain one man being Mr. Mom, Beetlejuice, Batman, a snowman and Birdman? These past few years have reinvigorated his career by being in back-to-back Best Picture winners. More importantly, he captured his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor as Riggan in Birdman. After over 30 years in the biz, how in the hell has he never been to the big dance til 2015?!?! Nothing but devastation and heartache when he lost to Eddie Redmayne for Theory of Everything. But hey you can’t keep ol’ MK down! Another Best Actor nomination for The Founder could be on the horizon. Playing Ray Kroc, the “creator” of McDonalds, Keaton apparently is just getting warmed up. His inventiveness deserves the ultimate prize. He doesn’t need it, but let him f’n have it anyway.


There will be a forever fondness for Amy Adams. Hate the movie all you want, but you’ll never be able to blame her for it. She’s a beauty with a grounded sweetness. At the same time, she pushes her roles to new heights, and it’s not always by playing nice. Nocturnal Animals, a vicious psychological revenge thriller, is a fine example of that. She’s also starring in Arrival, a brilliant sci-fi epic that’s inwardly thoughtful. Adams gives a boffo performance where her grit & quiet strength bonnily blooms right in front of your eyes. At this upcoming Academy Awards she could be nominated for either film, and rightfully so. She’s no stranger to being nominated—5 overall nominations but only once in the Best Actress category. I believe she’ll be on that stage one day. Maybe not this year, but she’s too talented to never grab that golden man by the crotch.


When you steal a scene from Meryl Streep, you mean business. That’s precisely what Viola did in Doubt, and she received her first Oscar nomination for it. With less than 15 minutes on-screen, she used every second of it and you never forgot it. Her next nomination came for Best Actress in The Help, and wouldn’t you know Meryl Streep won for The Iron Lady instead. The Oscars got it wrong that night. Davis exuberates strength and emotion, and there’s no restraining it. I feel sorry for the individual that even attempts to do so. She shares the screen with Denzel Washington in Fences this Christmas. If the early screenings are any indication, Davis may be an Oscar winner come February. She will not be ignored. Hope you’re listening Academy.


This man literally scares the shit out of me. Perhaps he’s a gentleman in real life, yet his intensity is terrifying on the big screen because his madness looks so calm. Which is why no matter how big the role, you will remember Shannon’s contribution. This is why his nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Revolutionary Road is so well-deserved. And whether it’s Mud, Take Shelter, or this year’s Midnight Special, director Jeff Nichols realizes his talents and relies on them in his films. It baffles me he only has one nomination in his entire career so far. But that number could change come next month when the Oscar nominations are announced. His supporting role as a case-hardened sheriff in Nocturnal Animals has recently garnered him a Critics Choice Award nomination. As scary as the thought is, someone needs to get close enough to hand him an Oscar.


Sadly, we end with a screen actor who has NEVER received an Academy Award nomination. Where’s the love for Goodman?! I mean his last name is good man put together! He’s had so many exceptional roles through the years, especially when he’s living it up with the Coen bros. Actually, his role in Barton Fink is the only one to get him somewhat close to an Oscar nomination by being nominated for a Golden Globe that year.

There also seemed to be a real push for him in Argo; however, the only acting nomination for that film went to Alan Arkin, who previously won for Little Miss Sunshine. He had his time and now it’s time for Goodman. I’m not holding my breath on this one, but I would highly enjoy seeing him get his first Oscar nomination for 10 Cloverfield Lane. He’s a ticking time bomb in a rare, remarkable thriller hiding behind mystery & delivering the unexpected. What we should all expect and demand is Goodman getting some cinema gold very soon. Tomorrow would work just fine.

Who do you think deserves an Oscar? Let us know in the comments below!

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