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The season is upon us once again. Crowds, radio stations dedicated to tunes and my new personal favorite holiday tradition, a new film, have once again graced us with our presence. While scrolling through , I noticed a couple of things. They added just as many movies as they did in October and they omitted three of the greatest Christmas movies of all time.

I of course am speaking of , , and the series. Now I know there are those that dispute that Die Hard isn’t a Christmas flick (you are wrong) and neither is Harry Potter, technically. Other than one scene, the Potter films focus on an overall narrative. And you are correct. The reason I was looking for the Potter films is because the trilogy of films I listed is all connected thematically and not simply in the Christmas tradition.

Home Alone is a kid-friendly version of Die Hard

Image via Twentieth Century Fox
Image via Twentieth Century Fox

I came up with this theory a little while ago. Okay, I read it on . But the theory is still the same. The films feature a main protagonist who has family problems, both encounter a virtually useless police force, and both wage war on bad guys just looking for a payday. Naturally Home Alone tones down the language and the violence is played for laughs but the general themes are there. Home Alone even features a quotable line said from a fictional mob flick. There is no denying that Home Alone is inspired by one of the greatest action Christmas films of all time.

Harry Potter takes its inspiration from Die Hard

Image via Warner Bros.
Image via Warner Bros.

Now before you go accusing me of making wild claims, I will be honest and tell you up front that there is no direct link between Harry Potter and Die Hard…yet. The main connection is that Harry Potter is more influenced by Home Alone but, since Die Hard heavily influences Home Alone, there is your connection. Still think that’s pretty weak? Keep reading until the end.

Kevin McAllister is secretly a wizard, or at least that’s what J.K. Rowling probably thought when she created the character of Harry Potter. Both are surrounded by families they hate, both are flung into fantastic situations featuring magic although admittedly, Home Alone downplays that aspect for the most part. Don’t believe me? Look at the facts. Kevin McAllister on no less than two occasions wishes that his family would simply disappear and poof, he is left alone. Through ‘coincidental’ means the telephone lines are down so he can make no contact with anyone, he creates illusions that wouldn’t fool anyone who could pass seventh grade on the first try with cardboard cutouts, and rigs his home with death traps in a matter of hours that would have taken skilled contractors and strategists years to think up and hours to build. Seriously, Home Alone is the kind of movie watches while he’s pleasuring himself. And let’s not even get into the fact that he had the house pristine before the family returned the next day. Almost as if he knew they were coming back. Things that make you go hmmm. Except of course Buzz’s room. Screw that guy.

The magic in Home Alone is obviously played low key to focus on the humor/drama aspects, but in a real world setting, there may not be any visual affects to behold, just questionable coincidences.

The Die Hard/Harry Potter Connection

Image via Twentieth Century Fox
Image via Twentieth Century Fox

This one was a little less obvious. The main story of Die Hard is that terrorists have taken control of a high rise in LA under the guise of freeing some of their brothers-in-arms when in actuality they are only there in an attempt to steal a boat load of money and fake their deaths so as not to get caught. You know, that old chestnut. A running subplot in Home Alone is that Kevin is afraid of an older gentleman who turns out to be a hero of the piece by saving Kevin’s butt at the end by knocking out the Wet Bandits. Similarly, There is a character in the Harry Potter series, Severus Snape who’s own motivations are kept cloudy until the end when it is revealed that he is, in effect a good guy. Even in the first Potter flick, what is assumed to be a dastardly act by Snape is revealed to be an attempt to save Harry’s life. And who Is the actor to portray each of these masters of deception?

This beautiful Bastard. That's who.            Die Hard Image via Twentieth Century Fox. Harry Potter Image via Warner Bros.
This beautiful Bastard. That's who. Die Hard Image via Twentieth Century Fox. Harry Potter Image via Warner Bros.

Final Thoughts

Each of these films is aimed toward a specific audience. Home Alone is a family friendly comedy that appeals to all ages, The Harry Potter series begins as a series for young adults and progresses into the tween market (and some adults as well) and Die Hard is a man’s action flick geared for the mature viewer. On the surface these films have nothing in common but upon further inspection, they connect on a subconscious level. It makes one think outside the box and come up with some off the wall theories like this one. Which is a good thing.

Source: Cracked article

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