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It’s been about a week since Rogue One was unleashed on the world. I decided to give everyone a chance to get their bearings after all of the awesome before commentating on what is quickly becoming one of my favorite Star Wars outings. Don’t worry Empire; you’re still at the top.

Rogue One is a plucky little idea that dared to be made into a movie and delivers on every level. It is the first film not focusing on the Skywalker clan (although two of them do make an appearance) and it still felt like fans were whisked to a galaxy far far away.

3. Princess Leia makes an appearance

Image via Disney
Image via Disney

Going into the film, fans were wondering how close this would take place to A New Hope. There were rumors that it could take place anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few minutes before the classic. We now know the latter was more accurate complete with a cameo by everyone’s favorite princess. Through the miracle of digital effects, the House of Mouse has once again successfully de-aged an actor to make them more age appropriate for the story they were trying to tell. This also is presented in the form of Grand Moff Tarkin played by Hammer legend, Peter Cushing. This is simply amazing, as Tarkin appears here in Rogue One almost as much, of not more than his appearance in the original film. And the actor who brings Cushing to life has mastered his mannerisms and given him a level of presence to him justice.

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2. Jyn Erso has daddy issues

Image via Disney
Image via Disney

Jyn Erso was a character created for the film so fans knew virtually nothing about her. Speculation was that she was the daughter of Galen Erso; the man who designed the Death Star and that was about it. Galen being the reluctant tool in its creation designed the flaw in the , doing so because he reasoned that if he didn’t build it, someone else would. Jyn, who has a rebellious attitude in general, joins the rebellion in an effort to free her father. Having been raised somewhat by Saw Guererra, joins the fight to free her father and hopefully strike a blow to the evil empire.

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3. Darth Vader is literally a nightmare come to life

Image via Disney
Image via Disney

Going into the film, I was already excited to see back on the big screen. He is my favorite character from the saga and any glimpse at him is always welcome. With brief appearances in , I couldn’t wait to see him in action. His first scene happens and to be honest I was a bit disappointed. Not that the scene was bad at all. I got to see him kicking him back at his castle on (?) and striking fear into the lowly . I even got to see him force choke someone and spout an uncharacteristic pun. And then, the end happened. Holy cats was that amazing. From the breathing sound in the dark to the ignition of his infamous red light saber, Darth Vader had returned, giving me, quite literally my favorite Darth Vader moment of all time. Sorry, “No, I am your father.” We now understand why the mere mention of his name inspires ass-tightening fear across the galaxy.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Rogue was a story that didn’t necessarily need to be told but great expands upon the saga. It had relatable characters, high tension, humor, and some truly heart warming/gut wrenching moments. Audiences got to see the tyranny of the and the lengths that the had to go to put their plan into effect. This is a welcome addition to the saga. Okay , You’re two for two.


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What did you think of the film? Sound off in the comments below?

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