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Announced today, will be making his debut on the . No further information has been announced as of yet but this is definitely a step in the right direction for the character. Originally played by Matt Ryan on the short-lived NBC series, the character has seen a second life as a cameo in as well as playing a major part in the animated Justice League Dark.

But is this the right move? The characters popularity has warranted several appearances since the cancellation of his series in 2015, so why not go all out?

It Represents A Section of DC Universe

Image [Credit: DC Comics.] Art by Ryan Sook
Image [Credit: DC Comics.] Art by Ryan Sook

The has slowly represented the proper since the inception of Arrow in 2012. Arrow represents street level vigilantism, is fun super heroics, delves into world threats on an epic scale, and shows us the protection of the time stream. But what about the supernatural aspect of the multiverse? Arrow has delved into the area but has time and again proven that it isn’t in his wheelhouse. The Flash solves his problems with science. Supergirl is vulnerable to magic and is on a different earth. The Legends are far too busy in the time stream to actually focus on any one point. Constantine would show us a different side of the DCU proper and offer a new and interesting aspect to explore.

He Is Already Established On The Central Earth

Image [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Image [Credit: Warner Bros.]

When Supergirl first premiered, it was on . Aside from a crossover with The Flash, it was established that it was on its own Earth and would be relegated to marching to its own drum. Fast forward to season 2 where the show airs on the CW. It is still in its own universe, which is fine as the 4 (3) night crossover established, she can play well with others. With an appearance on Arrow, we established that despite airing on another network, John Constantine was in fact on Earth 1 and wiling to help out his fellow heroes. And they even establish an opening storyline in which they could launch the series. He’s in Hell. Perhaps that is where the CW Seed will start and then if the show gets picked up, he’ll be primed and ready for supernatural action.

His Connections Are Already Steeped In The Existing Shows

Image [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Image [Credit: Warner Bros.]

In his short lived season, Constantine featured the Helmet of Fate and the Spectre, two heroes usually associated with the JSA that have already been featured in the Legends of Tomorrow. Other Honorable mentions have been the Spear of Destiny, which the Reverse Flash and the Legion of Doom are on the hunt for. He also visited Ivy University was is a callback to Ray Palmer. With Easter eggs in current CW shows such as Blue Devil and the Spear of Destiny, can Constantine be far behind?

Final Thoughts

This is great news for fans of Constantine and the Arrowverse in general. The original series, while not spectacular, did provide some genuine scares and featured subtle nods to the comic that were always welcome. While I’m happy to see his return, I can only hope that Constantine will come to the CW proper and bring some of his supernatural friends with him. Seriously, The world is a poorer place with an absence of Swamp Thing on television.


Should Constantine get his own show on the CW?

What do you think of this chilling new? Sound off in the comments below!

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