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In the coming weeks, we will return to Star City. When last we left our heroes, Prometheus had drug them through the ringer. He set up Diggle to get recaptured for crimes he didn’t commit, exposed that he had planted a traitor in Team Arrow’s midst, and proved his mastery of deception by having Oliver fill what he thought was Prometheus’ body but in turn was Felicity’s new boyfriend Detective Billy Malone.

Thus far, has been pretty faithful to his comic counter part. His origins mirror that of Batman’s with the exception that his parent was a criminal killed by a superhero thus swearing revenge on costumed do-gooders. His prowess with fighting, mastery of deception, and knowledge of his opponent has been proudly displayed on the show. With scant hints presented to his actual identity, I did a little digging and came up with some interesting theories.

His Mother is unrevealed

Image [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Image [Credit: Warner Bros.]

One of the bombshells dropped in the mid season finale was that he is the illegitimate son of one of the names in Robert Queen’s book. A new character named Justin Claybourne was distributing a drug to the ‘undesirables’ of the city in an effort to clean up the city. What was not revealed was who the baby’s mother is. We have seen a picture of him as a baby. The only thing this reveals is that his mother is non Caucasian as the baby is a mixed race. You know who else is mixed race? Lexa Doig who will play a significant role in the back half of the season. That’s right, I’m suggesting that…

Talia Al Guhl is Prometheus’ mother

Image [Credit: DC Comics]
Image [Credit: DC Comics]

Now, before all the SJW’s start getting all up and hard that I’m only making this assumption based on race, hold your horses. My logic is this. Prometheus has some elite training. The kind of training that one would get from the League of Assassins. Oliver has already made mention of a female that trained him from the League who he will seek out in the back half of the season. Talia would have the knowledge and motive to train her son in an effort to get revenge for the death of his father. She would be an older woman but the healing waters of the Lazarus pit would keep her young looking. Talia would also have a need for vengeance against Oliver Queen and the gang for the death of her father. The vengeance she will enact against her sister for closing one of the pits and disbanding the league will have to wait for another day.

Comic fans will recognize the Gotham City connection because Talia gave birth to another famous (infamous?) hero in the form of Damian Wayne, the current iteration of Robin. This would not be the first, and most likely not the last, time that Arrow has borrowed from the Dark Knight’s lore. Talia Al Guhl is a manipulative character that will stop at nothing to see her needs met. When a man like Oliver Queen crosses her path more than once, the need for vengeance must be satiated.

Arrow returns on January 25th. Check out the trailer!

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